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Directions: Answer the following question based on the information given below.

The table below shows the number of cases of various crimes reported at police stations in different states in 2015-16.

State  Domestic Violance   Dowry   Rape   Molestation   Trafficking 
UP 354 496 263 132 342
MP 376 225 216 125 117
HP 87 125 53 56 57
Kerala 535 352 226 364 126
Gujarat 455 225 252 175 144
Bihar 475 576 675 764 852
Punjab 245 256 259 261 263
Assam 278 274 276 252 363
How many cases have been reported from Gujarat in all?
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Total cases reported from Gujarat = 455 + 225 + 252 + 175 + 144 = 1251

Hence, option C is correct.

The Domestic violance and Dowry cases reported in Bihar are what percent more/less than the Rape and Trafficking cases reported in Punjab?
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Domestic Violance and Dowry in Bihar = 475 + 576 = 1051

Rape and Trafficking in Punjab = 259 + 263 = 522

Difference = 1051 − 522 = 529

∴   Reqd % =  529  × 100 = 101.3% more

Hence, option B is correct.
Based on the average number of Rape and Molestation cases reported per state, Molestation is approximately how many times as prevalent as Rape?
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Total cases reported on Molestation = 132 + 125 + 56 + 364 + 175 + 764 + 261 + 252 = 2129 
Total cases reported on Rape = 263 + 216 + 53 + 226 + 252 + 675 + 259 + 276 = 2220 
 Required ratio = 2129 : 2220 = 0.96 
Hence, option B is correct.
The total number of Dowry and Molestation cases reported in UP is approximate what percent of the total cases reported in that state, across all crimes?
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Total number of Dowry and Molestation cases reported in UP = 496 + 132 = 628

Total cases reported in UP = 628 + 354 + 263 + 342 = 1587

∴   Reqd % =  628  × 100 = 39.57%

The closest value in the options is 40%.

Hence, option A is correct.
In which state are the least number of cases reported?
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This question can be solved very quickly by observation. 
HP has the lowest reported cases for each crime. Hence, it will have the least number of cases across all crimes. 
Hence, option E is correct.

Data Interpretation for IBPS Clerk Pre, SBI Clerk Pre, LIC Assistant and RBI Assistant

In Banking, SSC and Insurance Exams, Data Interpretation plays major role in Quantitative Aptitude section.
Here we at Smartkeeda  going to discuss "What does Data Interpretation exactly mean"?
Data Interpretation is calculation-intensive. It consists of myriad of graphs, charts and Tables from which you have to glean and analyze data. The key to cracking these questions in exams is to identify the key pieces of data that you require to work on the questions asked.
Graphs and tables Majority of questions asked in the Data Interpretation Section are based on the
Following topics of the Arithmetic Section -
1. Average
2. Percentages
3. Ratio
4. Observation
If the basics of these topics are clear, attempting DI in the exams becomes comparatively easy.
Here first of all we are going to discuss about the exams in which data interpretation questions generally asked: SBI Clerk Pre, IBPS Clerk Pre, IBPS RRB Pre, IBPS RRB Office Assistant Pre, IBPS RRB Scale 1 Pre, IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains, IBPS RRB Scale 1 Mains, IBPS PO Pre, IBPS SO Pre, IBPS PO, SBI PO Pre, SBI SO Pre, SBI PO, LIC, NIACL, OICAL .
Now, let us go through the chart given above
This is the "Table Chart" one of the types of Data Interpretation charts,  other types charts are like Line Charts, Bar Graphs, Mixed Graphs. Any kind of Data Interpretation chart can be asked in Banking, SSC and Insurance exam.
We shall now take a glance at the types of questions that are asked under the above Data Interpretation Chart.
First question in the above DI chart is easy and simple type, required for the SUM of the particular category.
And the second question that has been asked in above data interpretation is from the topic of percentage
And the third question in the above Table Data Interpretation is related to the average chapter.
And the fourth one is once again another type of percentage topic question.
And the fifth question is asked on the basis of observation, this type questions generally asked in bank clerk pre or SSC CHSL, SSC CGL Tier 1 level exams.
I hope that above information would be helpful for you. You can practice test for your upcoming Bank, SSC and Insurance Exams at Testzone. Which provide Quality and new pattern based questions at the least price.