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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below.

  • 1.
    The average of 26, 29, t, 35 and 43 lies between 25 and 35. If 't' is always an integer and greater than the average of the given integers then the value of 't' is:
    A. 33 < t < 47 B. 34 < t < 43
    C. 33 < t < 42 D. None of these

  • 2.
    The average age of nurses in a nursing home in 1982 was 50 years. In 1984, 20 nurses retired from their job, whose average age was 60 years. After a huge gap in 1987, 40 nurses were employed whose average age was 38 years. The average age of all the nurses in 1990 was:
    A. 53 years B. 51 yeasr
    C. 48.5 years D. Data insufficient

  • 3.
    The average marks of Sameer decreased by 1, when he replaced the subject in which he has scored 40 marks by the other two subjects in which he has just scored 23 and 25 marks respectively. Later he has also included 57 marks of Computer Science, then the average marks increased by 2. how many subjects were there initially?
    A. 6 B. 12
    C. 15 D. Can't be determined

  • 4.
    The Total age of all the guests in the party was 540 years, if a South Indian couple (guests) left the party, then the average or the remaining guests still remained unchanged, where the age of both the husband and wife (the south Indian couple) was same, then the average age of this couple and the total number of guests in the party, respectively, can be:
    A. 18, 27 B. 20, 27
    C. 15, 38 D. Can't be determined

  • 5.
    Mr. Tyagi walked 6 km to reach the station from his house, then he boarded a train whose average speed was 60km/hr and thus he reached his destination. In this way he took total of 3 hours. If the average speed of the entire journey was 32 km/hr then the average speed of walking is:
    A. 3 km/hr B. 4.5 km/hr
    C. 4 km/hr D. None of these