Semantic Analogy, Types of Reasoning Analogy with Questions in the form of Quizzes with Short and Detailed Solution for Competitive Exams like SSC and Railways

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In this article we will cover “Semantic Analogy” which belongs to reasoning section and a lot of aspirants know by the name of Reasoning Analogy. Here you will get to know all the things regarding Semantic Analogy  in details like different type of analogy, previous year questions, analogy quizzes with solution and many more.

Semantic analogy can be described as identifying relation in which a pair of a particular relation is given and you have to identify for the same. Let me clear you with the help of an example,

Newspaper : Press :: Cloth : ?

In this question, it shows a particular relation between newspaper and press is that newspapers are published in press similarly clothes are manufactured in mills. In semantic analogy we have to choose the same relation as given in problem ..

There are different types of  Semantic Analogies described as below

  • Analogous Pair  Analogy
  • Direct/Simple  Analogy
  • Choosing The Analogous Pair       
  • Double Analogy
  • Choosing a Similar Word  Analogy
  • Detecting  Analogy
  • Multiple Word Analogy
  • Number Analogy
  • Alphabet Analogy

Importance of Semantic Analogy:

Analogy is very important for SSC and Railway exams. It acquires around 25% to 30% weightage which helps you to gain high marks in these exams such as RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS etc.

We have also provided some of the questions which had been asked in previous year exams.

Question.1. Chug : Train : : Bang : ?

A. House

B. Animal

C. Door

D. Man

Solution: The first is the sound of the second,

This Analogous Pair  type Analogy and  it is describing the relation of sound.

Hence, option (C) is correct.

Question.2. HJIK : MONP : : PRQS : ?





Solution: This Alphabet Analogy is showing relation of difference of 5 alphabets between H and M similarly with J and O,I and N, K and P. As you can see below:

semantic analogy


reasoning analogy

Hence, option B is correct.

Question.3.  ‘Iron’ is related to ‘Solid’ in the same ways as ‘Mercury’ is related to ________?

A. Solid

B. Gas

C. Liquid

D. Vapor

Solution: This is a Direct / Simple Analogy, Iron is found in solid state. Similarly, Mercury is found in liquid state.

Hence, option C is correct.

Question.4.  343 : 678 : : 512 : ?

A. 1024

B. 1536

C. 1000

D. 1016

Solution: This is Number Analogy and it’s following the pattern as shown below:        

343 × 2 = 686 – (2)3 = 686 – 8 = 678

Similarly, 512 × 2 = 1024 – (2)3 = 1024 – 8 = 1016

Hence, option (D) is correct.

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Semantic Analogy Quizzes: 

Here are the some important links of Reasoning Analogy Quizzes. Practice these Analogy questions with solution and check your level of preparedness. 

Completing Analogous Pair Analogy Quiz

Number Based Analogy

Alphabet Based Analogy

Direct/Simple  Analogy

Choosing Similar Word Analogy

Choosing Analogous Pair Analogy

Semantic Analogy PDF: 

Download Reasoning Semantic Analogy PDF so you can practice these important questions offline. Link is below:  

Semantic Analogy PDF Set  1

We hope, this article will help you to crack your next big exam like SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, RRB Group D, RRB NTPC. If you are looking for mock test regarding these exams you can visit Testzone.

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