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TestzoneIBPS SO Test Series – Winning the Ultimate Case

With the IBPS SO Law Officer Exam scheduled to be held in December 2018, it is time to gear up for this highly coveted examination. The number of seats is usually on the lower side, owing to the niche set of skills needed and hence, the competition is expected to be tough. You need a fair amount of luck to clear the cut-offs and this is where many aspirants give up even before starting. But, here’s the thing with luck. It favours those who work hard. And this is where your preparation comes into picture. The better prepared you are, the luckier you would be on the D day. The good news is that with a combo of smart and hard work, landing this dream job can be a cakewalk. Let’s see how we can crack the IBPS SO 2018 exam.

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Why is IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series important for your success?

First and foremost, we need to understand the importance of enrolling for any IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test series. Is it really indispensable? Let’s find out the benefits of taking mocks in any IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test series:

Why TestzoneIBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series 2018 should be your pick?

Now that we are well aware of the benefits of taking mock tests before the actual examination, it is time for you to choose the right one. We will be launching our IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series soon with an aim to make sure that you ace the SO Law Officer Exam the smart way with our test series. Let us first take you through our program and we promise that you will have to look no further once we are done  In case you choose to walk away after this demo, we still wish you all the best for your examination and also earnestly request you to share with us the drawbacks you may have found in our program so that we don’t disappoint anybody else like you.

Why should I trust Testzone?

Firstly, we have experienced and dedicated hands to make sure that you don’t find anything to surprise you in the examination. Yes, we undertake extensive research to make sure that we cover every aspect that may be asked in the Exam. Our aim is to ensure nothing in the exam hall would come across as a surprise as with our IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series, you get every possible scenario covered. Well, if you are still not convinced, we request you to please go through the following link to understand the unique features that we set us apart from the others.

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What am I going to get in the IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series by Testzone?

Under the IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series Program, you will get the following things:

Who is going to be my trouble-shooter?

Well, the whole team of Testzone is going to be at your beck and call anytime and every time you find an issue. Yes, for the night owls also. Don’t hesitate to drop us a mail for anything and everything at or

And for anything specific related to the IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Exam, you may contact Adv. Rohit Sharma, the Head of Legal Aptitude at Testzone at

Who is behind the TestzoneIBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series?

Well, we believe that you know it the best if you yourself have done it. Going by that belief of ours, we have got the NLU and NUJS Kolkata toppers designing each and every mock that you take. The solutions are prepared by them. For sections other than legal aptitude, we have subject experts taking care of the mocks so that you may get it wrong in the mocks but you will never repeat that mistake in life, once you go through the explanations.

I am now convinced, but how much do I have to shell out for IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series by Testzone?

We believe that Education should be accessible to all not because of Right to Education but simply because we believe in this. That is why; this IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Combo Test Series (Pre + Mains) is priced at Rs 499/- only. If you want to go for the Prelims Test Series only, the price is Rs 199/- while going for the Mains only test series would cost you Rs 399/-.Here we want to admit that we are no messiahs and it requires money to keep on going, which is why the IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series price may go up in the near future. But we reiterate that you will still find it a great deal just like you are finding it now.

What is going to be the pattern of the IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series by Testzone?

Since the pattern of the exam has changed, all our tests will be in the new pattern only but as we have said before, we believe that you should be ready for all the possibilities, be in the court room or in the exam hall so that you don’t get stumped by any unforeseen surprises. We shall make sure that you get everything relevant since our team will try to understand the psyche of the test-makers so that you, the test takers, are not inconvenienced a bit.

How can I enroll for this awesome IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series?

You may click on the link below to enroll for IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series by Testzone:

IBPS SO Law Officer Test Series

How can I pay for IBPS SO Law Officer 2018 Test Series by Testzone?

We are true supporters of Cashless India And that is why, we have the option of making payment through credit or debit card or net banking of all the major banks of the country. And for the old-school guys, there is the option of making payment via cheque / cash deposit / bank transfer also. If you want to utilize any of these payment options, just drop us a line at or help@smartkeeda.comand we shall get back to you.

If I change my mind after purchase, can I undo it i.e. will I get my money back?

We really don’t want you to stick around with our tests if you are not satisfied with it. In that case, please let us know within 48 hours of taking the subscription and we shall give you 100% refund, no questions asked. However, we truly expect you to give us the reason not for the sake of justification but for our improvement.

Great Testzone, but I need a Mentor who can hand-hold me through my preparation, what about that?

We understand that for most of you it is going to be your first competitive examination and being a bit apprehensive or nervous is no big deal. But, don’t worry; we have got your back. Just drop us a mail at or Our experienced team of NLU and NUJS toppers will be available to guide you in your journey, not only as mentors only but also as friends, philosophers and guides.

If still in doubt, we would request you to take our free mocks available on Testzone to verify what we have said above. We promise that we shall leave no stone unturned to make your trust in us count. We wish you all the best for IBPS SO Law Officer 2018.

All the Best!!

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