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By Smartkeeda
25 Apr 2020
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Current Affairs Mock Drills at Testzone

A great number of students prepare for various Government Job exams each year and in each of these competitive exams, one of the important sections to prepare for is Current Affairs. Bank Exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Scale 1, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, RBI Assistant, RBI Grade B Phase 1, SEBI Grade A, Insurance Exams like LIC AAO, LIC ADO, NIACL AO, NIACL Assistant, SSC Exams like SSC CGL Tier 1, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, then UPSC, Railways or any Government Job Exam want exam aspirants to be aware of what’s happening in India and around the world. Thus, Current Affairs becomes an essential part of the General Awareness section of each competitive exam. Keeping the importance of Current Affairs in mind, we have brought to you a complete set of monthly Current Affairs Mock Tests; CA MockDrills that would not only validate your preparation but also would help you keep an eye on your Current Affairs learning abilities.
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What’s in for you?

Every month, Testzone will provide you the most important questions of the previous month in form of Full Length Mocks which we have named 'CA Mock Drills'. Each month you will be getting around 6-7 Current Affairs Mocks with 100 most important Current Affairs Questions in each and these Current Affairs Mock Tests will be followed by MockDrill 200 Current Affairs Mock Test in which your learning from the past 6-7 Current Affairs Mocks is tested . In a nutshell, you get all your Current Affairs Practice needs fulfilled right on one platform ; Testzone by Smartkeeda.

Schedule for April 2020 Current Affairs Mocks at Testzone

Month Date
April 2020 1st Current Affairs MockDrill 100 27th April 2020
April 2020 2nd Current Affairs MockDrill 100 1st May 2020
April 2020 3rd Current Affairs MockDrill 100 5th May 2020
April 2020 4th Current Affairs MockDrill 100 9th May 2020
April 2020 5th Current Affairs MockDrill 100 13th May 2020
April 2020 6th Current Affairs MockDrill 100 17th May 2020
April 2020 7th Current Affairs MockDrill 100 22nd May 2020
April 2020 8th Current Affairs MockDrill 26th May 2020

Why are Current Affairs MockDrills Tests important?

Students do have many sources to study, learn and practice Current Affairs questions but there is no platform available that test their knowledge thoroughly. To fill this gap we at Smartkeeda through our Test Series platform Testzone have planned and designed to offer the exam aspirants the most important set of Current Affairs questions in form of Full Length Mock Tests.

Important Current Affairs Topics covered in Current Affairs Online Mock Tests at Testzone

The following topics of Current Affairs are covered in the Current Affairs Mock Tests.
  • Banking and Economic Current Affairs
  • Awards, Rewards, Recognition and Prizes
  • National and States Affairs
  • International Affairs
  • Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Science and Technology Current Affairs
  • Sports and Games Current Affairs
  • Persons in News Current Affairs
  • Business and Corporate Current Affairs
  • Important Days and Dates Current Affairs
  • Defence Affairs               
  • Current General Knowledge (GK)
  • Books and Authors Current Affairs
  • Places in News  Current Affairs
  • Ordinance, Bills and Acts Current Affairs
  • Obituaries          
  • Appointments & Resignations
  • Schemes & Initiatives
  • Amount & Agreements
  • Ranks, Reports & Surveys
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Current Affairs MockDrill Test Pattern

CA MockDrill 100 Test:

The Current Affairs MockDrill Tests 2020 at Testzone will be conducted online every month.  In each month there will be 5-8 Full Length Current Affairs Online Mock Tests.
Total marks in each Test will be 100.
Duration of each Test would be 40 minutes.
There is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

CA MockDrill 200 Test:

Total marks in each Test will be 200.
Duration of each Test would be 80 minutes.
There is negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

How Testzone Current Affairs MockDrill Tests are One-stop-solution to your Current Affairs Practice needs?

In today’s era when there are plethora of platforms that provide Current Affairs questions, it helps less and confuses more a student. Moreover, at times it becomes quite cumbersome to bookmark one question on one particular platform and saving the other on a different platform. Secondly, the explanation does play a vital role in providing vital pieces of information which most of the platform take for granted. Keeping these pain-points in mind, we have decided to offer the most important questions of a month week-wise in Full Length Current Affairs Mock Test form.

Features that set Testzone Current Affairs MockDrill Tests apart:

1. Complete List of Important Current Affairs Questions:

We have made sure that not a single important question is left out. Our highly qualified Content Developers have worked really hard and made sure that you receive the best in class questions.

2. Smart Explanation:

To each question, detailed explanation with never seen before kind of key-points is provided so that it becomes easy for you to remember the important facts and data regarding every single question.

3. In-depth Analysis:

An attempt in a test is not considered satisfying if you are not able to get to know the areas in which you lack and this is not possible without the analysis tools that provide you with crucial pieces of information about your test performance. We, at Testzone, provide some unparalleled tools of Analysis that will surely help you analyse your Current Affairs Mock Test performance each time and this will definitely lead you secure better marks in a real exam.

4. Re-take Test Option:

As they say practice makes a man perfect, you need to practice and practice and practice the same questions again and again until you become sure of the fact that you will definitely answer a particular question in real exam and this becomes possible with Re-take Test option available at Testzone. You can take as many attempts as you want and this will surely boost your GA score in real exam manifold.

5. Revision with MockDrill 200 Current Affairs Mock Test:

Though we are already planning to offer you 600-700 most important Current Affairs questions of each month in form of Full Length Mocks, we will still leave no stone unturned to make sure that you have learned well using the Current Affairs Mocks offered and just to validate your knowledge we’ll be giving a final MockDrill 200 Test at the end of each month and in this mock there will be 200 Current Affairs Questions which would not be the same as asked in previous mocks. Instead, they will be based on the information given in the explanation part of the questions taken in previous mocks. Thus, you will only be able to score well in this mock if and only if you check the explanation to each question in previous mocks and learn and try to remember the data given.

Right Approach to Attempt Current Affairs MockDrill Tests at Testzone and How to Score better in Current Affairs Section

To excel at Current Affairs section in exam, you need to be exceptionally good at it while you are in learning mode and with the help of Free Current Affairs Online Tests at Testzone you can definitely do it. Now, we will be discussing what the correct approach to attempt these Free Current Affairs Mock Tests is. Let’s go point-wise.
1. Before you start attempting the Free Current Affairs Online Test of a month at Testzone, make sure you are aware of the Current Affairs happened in the same month. There is no use wasting a CA MockDrill just like that.
2. When the theory part is over, attempt the Free Current Affairs Mock Drill Mock Test with utmost seriousness.
3. After the completion of the test, go to Smart Analytics provided by Testzone and check your –
  • Percentile (If it is below 90%, try to improve it in your next attempt.)
  • Accuracy (If it is below 90%, you may worsen your chances of selection in real exam.)
  • How many easy questions you were not able to answer correctly
4. Next, open the solution window and study the solution provided to each question thoroughly. There are many key-points that can be crucial in real exam and this habit will also help you score maximum in the Final Mock Test; MockDrill 200 Current Affairs Mock Test.
5. Go through all the wrongly attempted and un-attempted questions and check answer of each.
6. Re-take the test in Full Length Mode and check how much more you are able to score in the re-attempt.
7. Keep re-attempting the test until you are able to score 100 marks. There is no point you can leave a single question without answering it correctly.
8. Re-attempt each mock every 7th day. For example, if you attempt a Free Current Affairs Online Test at Testzone on 28th April 2020, make sure you complete the analysis part and solution checking part by 29th April and then hit the 100 marks attempt on 30th April, no matter how many re-attempts you take to reach your goal. Once you are able to score 100 marks, re-attempt the same mock on every 7th day till the date of your exam; 7th May, 14th May, 21st May, etc.
9. Until and unless you are sure of your performance in previous mocks, do not attempt MockDrill 200 Current Affairs Mock Test.
10. If you are able to score above 90% marks in MockDrill 200 Current Affairs Mock Test, it implies that you have prepared well using the whole set of Current Affairs Online Tests of a month at Testzone. If not, kindly keep repeating all the steps from 1 to 9 till you achieve the target.

FAQs regarding Current Affairs Online Tests at Testzone

Q. Are the Testzone Current Affairs Mocks bilingual?

Ans. Yes, they are. You will get each Current Affairs Mock Test at Testzone in both English and Hindi languages.
Q. Are Monthly Current Affairs Mock Tests provided by Testzone/Smartkeeda paid?
Ans. Absolutely not! Each and every Current Affairs Online Test at Testzone is available for free and every exam aspirant can attempt them without spending a single rupee. You just need to Register on Testzone for attempting a Current Affairs Mock Test at Testzone.
Q. Can Current Affairs Online Tests are Testzone be attempted on a mobile device?

Ans. Yes!

Q. How many times can a Current Affairs Online Test be taken?
Ans. While using ‘Re-take’ option, once can attempt a Test as many times as one wants.

Q. How to attempt Testzone Current Affairs Online Test?
Ans. First of all, register on Testzone and if you are already registered, kindly visit the link below and click on ‘Start’ button’. Your Current Affairs Mock Test will start.

Testzone April 2020 Current Affairs Mock Tests

Q. Where to find more Current Affairs Questions for practice?

Ans. Kindly visit the link below and attempt Daily Current Affairs Quizzes at Smartkeeda. 

Daily Current Affairs Quizzes

For any other information or query, kindly feel free to write to us to:

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