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By Smartkeeda
1 Jun 2024
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Now this is a very very important and path-breaking Blog for every candidate who is appearing for the IBPS exam SBI exam or any other competition.Today we are going to talk about Smartkeeda (Speed Drills) tool which will help you prepare for any bank exam 50% faster!

The Importance of Strategic Preparation

There is a big reason that you will not have to clear the strategic preparation. Friends, in the market, there are many books and online quizzes available. But, are they all strategically organized? You take a lot of candidates, random books, or online quizzes, and all the easy topics that are being discussed are being discussed. Without going to the exam of that topic, or the questions that you are solving. Are they also relevant or not? And, the third book is a big challenge for you to maintain. The result of all these problems is that in y

our preparation, a structured approach is reduced which is the result of which is not able to clear the prelims stage. That is, until your prelims stage is clear, how will you give the mails and final selection?

Identifying Key Challenges

So, I will talk to you in this blog, and we will discuss, where you are lagging in your preparation. And, how can you make this preparation journey more smooth? Apart from these challenges, which we have just discussed, there are three main reasons which are not clear in the end. These reasons are less number of attempts or low speed. Many students give feedback, we are saying that we are trying very hard and our time is over. So, if you know that if you are attempting 40, then how much are your chances? The second reason is low accuracy. Many students also say that we were attempting 91, but still, our selection did not happen. So, if you are attempting 91, which is 65% accuracy, you know that your chances of selection are less because your accuracy is very low. Many students also say that their accuracy and speed are very low. But, in real examples, they panic because speed and accuracy do not have any balance. So, the main problem is that our prelims is not clear, that is the reason for the peak.

Introducing Speed Tools for Improved Preparation

speed drills for bank bank aspirants​​​​​​​

There is no single tool in the market, which will work on your speed and accuracy. You have to improve your accuracy and speed. You have to improve your accuracy and accuracy. But, your accuracy is very low. But, now it will not happen. Your speed will also increase, and your accuracy will not be bad. With the help of speed tools. So, speed tools are the latest innovation that is designed to improve your question-solving speed and accuracy. That is, we will directly increase your question-solving speed and accuracy. That is the difference between your current mask and cut-off. That we can finish and the result is that you will be able to clear your problem-solving speed.

How Speed Tools Work

So, do you know how speed tools will work? The three components of speed tools are solodils, marathendils, and AI-driven analysis.

Solo Drills

So, what are soldiers? Solodils are there to sharpen your accuracy. That is, you can choose the topics and number of questions. And you can target your beach areas. There will be no time pressure, that is, your sole purpose will be to attempt a question correctly. That is, this drill is too simple, that is achieve perfection. That is, you can attempt any chapter of the question. And you have to attempt a single purpose to achieve that.

Once you have developed your accuracy, the next target will be to improve your speed. That will be done through a second component, that is, marathend-dil.


Marathon Drills

That is, marathend-dil is to boost your speed. Here, again, as you can see, your calculation speed is slow. You can attempt several questions on this particular topic. And you can increase your question-solving speed.

AI-driven Analysis

Our third feature will be this AI-driven analysis. Through AI-driven analysis, we can tell you or you can see where you are lagging or which topics are your strengths. Your chapter is more time-consuming, where your accuracy is more than your accuracy and your accuracy is less than your accuracy.

Features of Solo Drills:

solo drills for bank bank aspirants

  1. Control Over Question Volume: Here, suppose you are a beginner. And you can't do several questions in one setting. So, here, your option will be that you attempt 10 questions. You can attempt 25 or 35 questions in a day. Your sole purpose will be to attempt a question correctly.
  2. Customization of Practice: That is, here, you can choose your VK-series. You have to know what your VK-series are. So, through customization of practice, you can attempt several questions from any particular topic.

  3. Focus on Accuracy: As I told you before, there will be no time here. That is, if there is no time, then you can focus on your accuracy. In our purpose, solodils, you have to do a different topic. You have to know different variety of questions, based on the concept of solodils. And you have to attempt it.

  4. Lifeline System: If there is no time here, how will we motivate you to attempt a question correctly? Through a lifeline system. You will go on a lifeline on every wrong question. And on every step, you will go on your lifeline. Here, there will be a penalty. That you will not be able to attempt a question correctly. Or you will not be able to attempt a question correctly. Our concept is simple. Our goal is simple, you are a basic concept. You are applying variety. And then, you will attempt a question correctly.

Features of Marathon Drills:

marathon drills for bank eaxm preparation

  1. Time Management Skills: You can decide your number of questions with accuracy. You can set the time here. You have to attempt 700 drills. You have to attempt 15. You have to attempt 25 minutes of drill. You can see it here. For example, you have to attempt the first drill. You have to attempt 10 questions in the first drill. So, over the period, you can do 15 minutes. If you can do 18 minutes or 20 minutes. You can improve your speed. You can see.

  2. Another benefit of time management skills: Suppose, in RRB, you will get 20 minutes. For solving 40 number of questions. You can challenge yourself. Can you do 15 minutes of 40 questions or not? If you can attempt that. So, it will benefit you in your real exams. Because you will get time there. In time-taking questions. That is, you increase your speed. In data interpretation, you can give more time.

  3. Multi-topic Coverage: It is not like that. There are only 1 or 2 topics in the exams. The first question may be time-managed. Data interpretation is here. And the number series is here. Similarly, you can choose your multi-topic. If you know what your BKR is in English, what is your BKR? So, you can get accordingly those 3 chapters. And you will get the same 3 chapters of questions. So that you can increase your speed in those questions.

  4. Unlimited Number of Questions: Which time you will set? 7, 15 or 25. You will get an unlimited number of questions. Technically. That is, it is not like that. You will have 15 questions in 7, 15 or 25. Why will you depend on that? How many numbers and more questions you will get in 7 minutes? With the highest accuracy.

  5. Simulated Exams Condition: Since this time, you will feel the same pressure. Which you will feel. In the sectional test, you will feel the pressure on the sections. Here, you will feel the pressure of every question. So, it will simulate the exam condition, the intensity, and the pressure. Which you will feel in exams.

AI-driven Performance Analysis

Our third component is AI-driven performance analysis. AI-driven performance analysis. We are doing all the aspects. Which you will need to improve your performance. We have covered all the aspects. For example, speed graph, accuracy, time spent, and strong and deep areas.

Features of AI-driven Performance Analysis:

  1. Speed Graph: In the speed graph, you can see that. In your case, in your average speed. In soft solving the number of questions. How many? Over the period. Because of speed and accuracy. To improve the time taking process. It is a complete process. So, in your first week, how many speeds? In your second week, in the third week, in a month. Your speed is so much. You can track all the things you can do here.
  2. Accuracy Graph: Similarly, you can see in the accuracy graph. In your case, how much accuracy? Your weak areas can be found. What are your weak areas? And your strong areas. What is it?
  3. Time Spent Across Chapters: For example, you have given 10 minutes

Install the app now to try free Speed Drills for your bank preparation.

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