Our Mission is to simplify
your competitive exam preparation

The Idea

In India, more than 80 lac students every year appear in different competitive exams but only a handful of them achieve the end results.

The reason

It’s because almost 95% of these exam aspirants

First, don’t know where to focus. Due to sheer negligence, they end up building command on most irrelevant or un-important questions.

Second, many a student is not able to understand the difference between an ‘actually’ difficult question and a ‘seemingly’ difficult one. If simply put, they tend to leave a good number of questions un-attempted considering them too hard to crack while the questions can easily be solved using a right approach and that’s too in 50-60% less time than they earlier attempted to solve them in.

How Smartkeeda helps

Smartkeeda makes heaps of contents go through the state-of-the-art, technologically driven and adaptive application that identifies the ‘trend’ and provides you with most relevant set of questions as per your exam selection and hence helps you focus on actually where it’s needed.

It at the same time through its ‘Rating feature’ gets you to understand which questions are there that are being considered difficult by most of the students.

Next, it offers a smart way to solve a problem that is most likely to come in the exam but ‘seems’ complex to many. In simple words, you’ll smartly be able to answer those specific questions which are crucial and are being skipped by other students and that’s where you can get an upper-hand over your peers.

The Team

We aren’t huge in head count, just a bunch of young and experienced souls 24x7 looking for ways to make your test preparation effective and efficient. At work, we believe in putting an extra hour so that you can save an extra second attempting a question while taking your exam.

S B Devansh |

Devansh co-founded smartkeeda with a view to smoothening students’ test preparation journey. At smartkeeda, he focuses on developing the strategy, approach and capabilities to build high quality content at scale.

K S Vipin |

Vipin earnestly believes in living his passion and teaching & training is one of the pursuits he loves to follow. He focuses on overall organizational strategy, communication and operations.

P Shreshtha |

If you find the content at smartkeeda 99.99% accurate or error-free Shreshtha is the person that should be given credit for. She proof-reads every single question before it goes live and adds immense value to the website.

Rohit Sharma |

Rohit is an NLU Punjab Graduate and heads the Law Division at Smartkeeda. His interests lie in providing the students with high quality and affordable web solutions for legal education. With a vibrant mind and in depth domain knowledge, he truly adds immense value to Legal Exams' aspirants preparation journey. He welcomes students' queries to

Sumit Gupta |

Sumit is a CLAT Topper 2017 with rank 4 and he has also secured Rank 10 in AILET in the same year. He has always been enthusiastic towards helping fellow aspirants preparing for CLAT and other Law Entrance Exams. As a dreamer for a better India, his interests are education, resource development and policy making. At Smartkeeda, he develops and curates a lot of content and also shares his ideas about exam preparation strategy with the aspirants.

M Anant Prakash |

Anant made his way to the Batch of 2023 NUJS along with his Board Exams in the very first attempt. He is a prolific reader and a keen debater. At Smartkeeda, he helps CLAT aspirants achieve their goals.

Nitin K Sharma |

Nitin has always been fascinated by the concept of touching innumerable lives with his expertise. So, once he discovered smartkeeda he couldn’t resist getting involved. He develops a lot of content everyday for smartkeeda users and brings quality to the website.

Angelique Thakur |

See a notoriously difficult question in your mock's English Section? Blame it on Angelique. Her passion for reading is matched only by her penchant for writing. When not doing either of those things, she can be found irritating her pet, stalking her refrigerator or in the gym.

Vivek Agarwal |

Never have we seen such a Quant enthusiast as Vivek is. You wake him up in the middle of the night and he is ready if an assignment related to Quant is there. He possesses a sharp eye when it comes to picking errors mainly in Quantitative Aptitude questions. If you find an absolutely error-free Quant section in Testzone mocks, the credit goes to him.

K Shuza |

A Bachelor of Technology and a Master of Business Administration yet Shuza chose to work on analyzing and creating content of the general studies section at smartkeeda. He loves reading and exploring new things and never feels shy of being called a bibliophile.

K Mitika |

Mitika analyses a bulk of content at smartkeeda to make sure you get most relevant chapters and questions on top. Besides, she develops solutions that help exam aspirants score higher.

D Puneet |

Managing daily operations like getting customers' feedback, assisting users in seleting plans, managing support system and other related tasks.

R Shivangi |

Shivangi has been creating graphics and video based content for long. She’s always excited about combining video and interactive software to create novel learning experiences online.