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By Smartkeeda
5 Apr 2024

Smartkeeda stands out as a leading provider of online CLAT coaching, well-known among aspirants for its thorough and top-notch study materials. As CLAT 2025 exam approaching, aspirants are gearing up their preparation efforts. Many aspirants are searching for CLAT online coaching to boost their study effectiveness and save time and this is exactly where Smartkeeda steps in to support aspirants by offering the best online CLAT coaching available.

Smartkeeda presents three different CLAT coaching plans, each tailored to suit the specific needs and preferences of students: the "Alpha Plan for Restarters," the "Beta Plan for Beginners," and the "Gamma Plan for Achievers." Moreover, Smartkeeda is rolling out the "Zenith 2.0" program aimed at further improving aspirants' learning experiences.

Best Online Coaching for CLAT 2025

Best Plans for Online Coaching CLAT 2025

Smartkeeda has divided its CLAT 2025 offerings into three categories, each designed for specific types of aspirants. Let’s suppose, if you are a repeater who already understands the syllabus concepts well, you may only require high-quality practice materials without the need for lectures or additional benefits. This means you don't have to spend extra money on things you don't need.

So instead, you can opt for a customized plan tailored to the needs of aspirants who have decided to retake the CLAT exam. Similarly, each plan is targeted towards fulfilling the requirements of different types of aspirants. Now, let's delve into the details of each plan to gain a deeper understanding.

Alpha: - The Alpha Plan caters specifically to Restarters, students who are ready to give the CLAT exam another shot. Smartkeeda ensures that in this plan, aspirants receive all the necessary practice materials such as mock tests, sectional and topic tests, quizzes, and PDFs of each mock test to elevate their preparation.

Moreover, this plan takes into account the aspirants' current affairs needs by providing daily current affair mock drills, LawEx magazine on a fortnightly basis, and mock tests based on that magazine to ensure long-term retention of current affairs news.

Additionally, separate doubt sessions are conducted for aspirants, providing access to e-books and, importantly, a 24/7 support system. What's remarkable is that all of these resources are available at a very affordable price of only Rs. 4999. It's truly the best deal for aspirants looking to excel in their CLAT preparation.


Beta: - Smartkeeda has introduce a special plan tailored for beginner aspirants, known as the Beta Plan. This plan encompasses all the benefits offered in the Alpha Plan and adds extra advantages. In addition to receiving the benefits of the Alpha Plan, Beta Plan subscribers can attend daily syllabus classes to enhance their understanding of concepts. They also gain access to recorded classes and daily question-solving sessions.

The Beta Plan ensures comprehensive coverage of all five sections of the CLAT exam, leaving no stone unturned in the aspirants' preparation for success. All these benefits are available at the affordable price of Rs. 9999 only, making it a very cost-effective deal for beginner students. So, if you've just begun your preparation journey and aim to crack CLAT 2025 with a top rank, the Beta Plan is the perfect choice for you.


Gamma:- The Gamma Plan is the flagship offering from Smartkeeda, specially designed for students aiming for dream success in the CLAT 2025 exam. This plan is named the "Gamma Plan for Achievers" for this reason. It encompasses all the benefits of the Beta Plan. 

Moreover, it introduces additional flagship advantages.  Under this plan, you receive personalized 1-1 mentoring from industry-leading faculties, along with comprehensive support across various communication formats such as video, audio, and chat. This ensures that you can perform at your best and have all your doubts addressed.

Additionally, all study materials are provided in physical (printed) form, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. You also receive physical copies of all mock tests, making it the best option for students who prefer offline study using printed materials and books. Furthermore, separate doubt sessions are conducted to address all your queries. These are the major plus points of the Gamma Plan, all of which are available at a price of Rs. 17999.

Benefits of Smartkeeda CLAT Online Coaching

In today's ever-changing educational landscape, many aspiring students are seeking modern learning methods and exploring the best online coaching options for CLAT 2025. Smartkeeda stands out as the best platform providing CLAT Online Classes to students, offering numerous benefits such as;


One of the greatest advantages of Smartkeeda's  "CLAT Online Classes" is the flexibility it offers to students. Unlike traditional coaching classes where attendance is mandatory according to the coaching institute's schedule flexibility takes sbackstage, but in online coaching students can access online classes at their convenience and this eliminates the need to physically attend classes.

Smartkeeda's online classes ensure that students can learn from the best mentors and coaching classes regardless of their geographical location. Moreover, it address the needs of students who prefer to study at their own pace and according to their own schedule, allowing them to access study materials from anywhere and at any time.

Interactive learning:  

Interactive learning is a main feature of the Smartkeeda platform, and this is achieved through a combination of learning with video lectures, mock tests, quizzes, one-on-one mentoring and problem-solving sessions. This makes the learning experience highly engaging and enjoyable.

This interactive approach helps students to prepare comprehensively for the CLAT exam and it enhances critical thinking, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills among young minds, which are essential for success in the CLAT exam. So, by actively participating in these interactive sessions, students can enhance their understanding of key concepts and improve their overall performance in the exam.

Personalized approach:

Smartkeeda believes that every student is unique, with their own learning style, pace and strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach won't be effective for everyone. That's why Smartkeeda offers a personalized approach to learning through the 1-1 mentorship program And with the help of mentorship programs students can identify their individual problems, strengths, and weaknesses.

This personalized approach allows students to receive best solutions that address their specific needs. By receiving the right guidance, students can boost their preparation and maximize their chances of success in the CLAT exam. This ensures that each student gets the support and assistance they need to excel in their studies.

Our Online Coaching Methodology 

Smartkeeda offers a unique and highly effective four-step coaching method designed to facilitate thorough preparation and enhance students' chances of success in their exams. This comprehensive approach includes:

Structured curriculum: On enrollment in the online course, students receive a schedule of daily online classes and the overall course curriculum. Additionally, daily doubt-solving sessions are also provided. This structured curriculum help students in effectively planning their preparation journey and ensures smoother path towards achieving goals.

Comprehensive study material: Students gain access to top-notch study materials upon enrollment in course, which align with the today’s exam requirements. These materials include mock tests, section and topic tests, e-books, PDFs of each mock test, and LawEx CA magazines provided on a fortnightly basis. This comprehensive collection of study materials equips students with the necessary resources to begin their preparation with confidence.

Focus on fundamentals: Through daily online classes, students gets the opportunity to understand  and clarify syllabus concepts. The lectures are dedicated to explaining the fundamentals of each topic, progressively guiding students from basic to advanced levels. This emphasis on fundamentals ensures a strong foundation for exam preparation.

Exam strategies and techniques: Preparation without a well-defined exam strategy can be directionless, which eventually leads to confusio. Smartkeeda addresses this concern by offering preparation strategy sessions to help aspirants. Moreover, having knowledge alone is insufficient; possessing effective exam-solving strategies is equally crucial. So mentors at smartkeeda's prioritize discussions on exam strategies and techniques to equip students with the skills necessary for success.

By following this four-step coaching method, Smartkeeda help students to approach their exam preparation comprehensively, enhancing their proficiency and maximizing their chances of success.


Why Choose us for CLAT 2025

There are number of  compelling reasons to why Smartkeeda stands out as the ultimate choice for law students. Here's why Smartkeeda stands out as best choice for CLAT preparation.

  • Smartkeeda has a proven track record of success in CLAT exams.
  • Our faculty consists of India's best and most experienced members who have cleared many law entrance exams themselves.
  • We provide high-quality study material designed by experts specifically for the law exams.
  • Our mock tests and their detailed, in depth AI based analysis will help you understand every important aspect of your preparation.
  • Our lectures focus on ensuring conceptual clarity and prepare you for both basic and advanced levels.
  • We offer 24/7 support to address all your doubts and queries promptly.
  • Smartkeeda offers the most affordable plans for CLAT 2025 preparation.
  • Our commitment to exam excellence is well-known among aspirants, so you can trust the quality of our resources.

Tips for Cracking Clat 2025 by Smartkeeda

  • Understand the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.
  • Analyze and solve previous year questions to gain deep insights.
  • Create an effective study schedule and follow it rigorously.
  • Clear all your basic concepts and practice them till an advanced level.
  • Review and analyze all mistakes made in mock tests and avoid repetition of same mistakes.
  • Work on your time management skills to answer all questions within the limited time.
  • Do not neglect current affairs; read and prepare CA daily and revise thoroughly.
  • Enhance your reading and comprehension skills.
  • Create and follow a revision schedule as it's crucial for preparation.
  • Stay positive, confident, and consistent throughout your preparation.

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