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By Smartkeeda
17 Apr 2024
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The significance of excellent reading comprehension skills cannot be overstated. Whether you're a student preparing for competitive exams, a professional aiming to excel in your field, or simply someone eager to stay informed about world happenings, you have to Increase reading skills and Comprehension to outshine. Although, experts recommend reading English novels, newspapers or online articles to develop this skill, we understand that this approach may not be suitable for everyone especially for those who are not avid readers.  

After receiving hundreds of queries regarding effective strategies to develop this foundational skill from scratch, we created an innovative tool that can revolutionize the way you work on your English reading and comprehension skills!  SmartRead by Smartkeeda helps you develop English comprehension skills in a way that suits your unique learning style and makes English learning process engaging, innovative, and fun.

Let's proceed to unveil the magic of SmartRead!

Discover the richness that SmartRead has to offer

SmartRead is meticulously designed tool to improve your reading comprehension skills through a structured and captivating method. This tool empowers you to master vocabulary, enhance reading speed, and refine comprehension skills at your own pace.

Passage Vocabulary Introduction : 

As you begin the quiz, you'll be introduced to some handpicked vocabulary directly extracted from a passage. Each vocabulary term is accompanied by:

  • Its root word
  • The precise meaning
  • An illustrative example sentence
  • Synonyms of that word
  • Antonyms of that word

This step prepares you for the vocab quiz and helps you to tackle the upcoming challenges.

​​​​​​​Vocabulary Quiz:​​​​​​​

Once you are done with these vocab cards, you'll encounter 15-20 questions based on each word you've learned. SmartRead meticulously tracks your progress and promptly reintroduces that vocabulary card if you answer a vocab-based question incorrectly. It also strategically repeats questions related to specific vocabulary until you master them and answer them correctly. Once you've completed the vocabulary session, you can move further to enhancing your reading skills.

Passage Reading:

Prior to commencing this exercise, you'll be introduced to few essential details about the upcoming passage, such as its length and difficulty level. SmartRead enables you to customize the reading time for that passage beforehand based on your individual reading speed. While it suggests an optimal reading time for the passage, you have the flexibility to challenge yourself by setting a minimum time reading time; however, you should make sure that it doesn’t hamper your accuracy. The test will automatically submit once the allotted time elapses, but you also have the option to manually submit the passage before the deadline.

Assessment of Reading Skills

Once the passage is submitted, SmartRead assesses your reading comprehension abilities with a series of questions extracted from the passage. These questions are essential for evaluating various skills, including:

  • Ability to comprehend the given information
  • Capacity to retain information
  • Proficiency in identifying the central idea of the Passage
  • Understanding the tone and style of the passage
  • Ability to understand the author's point of view
  • Time taken to understand and answer a particular type of question.
  • Capacity to infer contextual meanings of given words
  • Ability to answer argumentative, inferential, and conclusive questions

​​​​​​​Test Analysis and Performance Report

Congratulations on completing your first test session! Upon submitting this quiz, you'll receive a comprehensive test analysis and performance report. This report assesses your proficiency in various areas, rating them as poor, good, or excellent. By reviewing this report, you can pinpoint your weak areas and devise a targeted improvement strategy.

Customized Vocabulary Quizzes

Our innovative tool doesn't stop at these regular quizzes. SmartRead goes above and beyond. It continuously monitors your learning and answering patterns, gathering data from your past performances within a week and creates customized vocabulary quizzes based on your learning on a weekly basis. Smartreads invites you to attempt these personalized quizzes, and enriches your learning experience like never before.

How SmartRead improve your reading skills?

SmartRead revolutionizes the way you improve your reading skills with its structured approach, ensuring that the preparation phase remains engaging and fun. Each round of Smartread quiz introduces you to over 20 new words, progressively expanding vocabulary while refining comprehension skills with each round. What sets SmartRead apart is its ability to track individual answering habits, designing the upcoming questions based on personalized data, providing a truly unique and effective learning experience.

For which students is SmartRead more helpful?

Being a past master in exam preparation, we understand the struggles students face during their preparation. This is why Smartread is designed by Smartkeeda to cater to all student types, from beginners to advanced learners, this tool is exceptionally beneficial for students who struggle with comprehending difficult passages or find English reading challenging or a monotonous task. SmartRead shines in its ability to understand individual skill levels and provide personalized quizzes accordingly. For students facing hurdles in English reading, SmartRead serves as a nurturing guide, starting from basic levels and gradually advancing as a student gains confidence and proficiency.

Smartread Plans and price

We are introducing our SmartRead plans at an incredibly affordable rate, ensuring that access to our innovative tool is within reach for everyone. Seize this special introductory pricing before it's too late.

Individual Plan

  • 4999/- Only

Duration Based Plan​​​​​​​

  • Alpha – 2000/- Only
  • Beta– 3000/- Only
  • Gamma– 3500/- Only

So, harness the power of Smartread and dive into a world of innovative learning. Join SmartRead now and begin your journey to becoming a Smart Reader.  ​​​​​​​

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