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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below.

  • 1.
    Which of the following countries has recently launched the world's largest human genome research project?
    A. Japan B. China
    C. South Korea D. North Korea
    E. None of these

  • 2.
    Which of the following banks has recently received capital infusion of Rs. 2,729 crore from the government?
    A. Bank of India B. IDBI Bank
    C. State Bank of India D. ICICI Bank
    E. None of these

  • 3.
    The 78th session of the Indian History Congress was recently held in:
    A. Mumbai B. New Delhi
    C. Chennai D. Kolkata
    E. None of these

  • 4.
    Embassy of which of the following countries has recently announced to open gates for visa services again Turkish citizens?
    A. USA B. Canada
    C. Russia D. UK
    E. None of these

  • 5.
    ________________ government is to reward people with Rs 500 for spotting beggars in city?
    A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Telangana
    C. Maharashtra D. Gujarat
    E. None of these

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