Error Detection in English for Bank Exams

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Directions: In the following question, some part of the sentence may have errors. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. If a sentence is free from error, select 'No Error'.
This college has (A) / a glourious tradition (B) / that attract (C) / good students to the college. (D) / No error (E)
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In part C, the verb 'attract' must be replaced with its singular form 'attracts' as the subject 'a glorious tradition' is singular in number and the verb used has to be in agreement with it.

Hence, optiion C is correct.
A disaster management cell is opened (A) / by the state government (B) / before the rainy seasons (C) / as a precautionary measure. (D) / No error (E)
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The sentence is absolutely correct and thus has no error in it.

Option E is hence the correct answer.
Buy presents for ladies (A) / in their absence (B) / is a very (C) / difficult task. (D) / No error (E)
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In part A, the verb 'buy' must be replaced with its gerund form 'buying' to make it a grammatically correct sentence.

Hence, option A is correct.
 The Director asked me (A) / how I have not (B) / taken his permission (C) / before applying for the new job. (D) / No error (E)
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In part B, the auxiliary verb 'have' must be replaced with its past form 'had' to match the tense of the sentence.

Hence, option B is correct.
The city people stayed (A) / fearlessly despite of (B) / rumours of terrorist attack (C) / in the area. (D) / No error (E)
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The preposition 'despite', which means 'whithout being affected by', is never followed by 'of'. 

The preposition 'of' hence must be dropped to make it a grammatically correct sentence.

Hence, optioin B is correct.