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Directions: In each of the questions, a sentence is divided into five parts namely A, B, C, D and E in which one of the parts is given in bold and is grammatically and contextually correct. You have to identify which fragment, apart from the bold one, is correct in terms of grammar and usage.
After a bridge collapsed that killed 22 people (A) / in Elphinstone Road Station in Mumbai last month, (B) / the government of Maharashtra resorted to (C) / the populist move of asking an army (D) / to repair the bridge. (E)
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Fragment A: After a bridge collapsed that killed 22 people

Here, ‘Collapse’ should be used in its noun form, as the word ‘killed’ is already being used as the main verb.

Correct fragment: After a bridge collapse that killed 22 people

Option B: in Elphinstone Road Station in Mumbai last month,

People were killed ‘at’ the station and not ‘in’ the station. Thus, use of the wrong preposition makes it erroneous.

Correct fragment: at Elphinstone Road Station in Mumbai last month,

Fragment C is absolutely correct.

Fragment D: the populist move of asking an army

This part has an error related to wrong article usage. Article ‘the’ should be used before collective nouns like Army, Board etc.

Correct fragment: the populist move of asking the army

Hence, option C is correct.
The remedy is to corporatise the Railways, (A)and create organisational forms that (B) / enable large-scale investments those (C) / are required for improve safety, (D) / upgrade signaling and the qualities of rolling stock. (E)
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Fragment B is error free.

Fragment C: enable large-scale investments those

The error is with respect to wrong usage of the pronoun. In place of ‘those’ the restrictive pronoun 'that' must be used here.

Correct fragment: enable large-scale investments that

Fragment D: are required for improve safety,

Preposition ‘to’ must be used instead of ‘for’, as for is usually preceded by a gerund.

Fragment E: upgrade signaling and the qualities of rolling stock.

Here quality is used in the sense of upgrading the stock and hence is abstract in nature Thus, its singular form must be used.

Correct fragment: upgrade signaling and the quality of rolling stock.

Hence option B is correct.

Sustaining and building of (A) / this reversal momentum may be (B) / more challenging in the coming months, (C) / given other economic data that are (D)a cause of economic concern and some external headwinds. (E)
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Fragment A: Sustaining and building of

Building on is a phrase which means to bank upon. So , this part has an error regarding incorrect use of the phrasal verb.

Correct fragment: Sustaining and building on

Fragment B: this reversal momentum may be

Reversal momentum is meaningless. Instead, it should either be “reverse” momentum or “reversal of” momentum.

Correct fragment: this reversal of momentum may be

Fragment C is perfectly fine and error free.

Fragment E: a cause of economic concern and some external headwinds.

Two effects are mentioned for a cause. One is concern and the other is external headwinds. Thus instead of ‘of’, 'for' is more suitable.

Correct fragment: a cause for economic concern and some external headwinds.

Hence option C is correct.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath cleared (A) / his first major test of flying colors (B) / as the Bharatiya Janata Party sweeps (C) / the civic body polls in the state (D) / winning 14 out of 16 mayor post in a four-way contest. (E)
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Fragment B: his first major test of flying colors

The correct phrase to be used here is “with flying colors.”

Correct fragment: his first major test with flying colors

Fragment C: as the Bharatiya Janata Party sweeps

The error here is of wrong tense usage. The sentence is in simple past tense and thus, the past form of verb i.e ‘swept’ is to be used here.

Correct fragment: as the Bharatiya Janata Party swept

Fragment D is absolutely correct.

Fragment E: winning 14 out of 16 mayor post in a four-way contest.

The phrase '14 out of 16' mentioned here denotes that the posts are more than one. Thus plural form of post i.e. posts is to be used here.

Correct fragment: winning 14 out of 16 mayor posts in a four-way contest.

Hence option D is correct.
Japan is in a potential explosive (A) / neighborhood, and it no longer believes (B)that a whole scale reliance on (C) / U.S. for a defence umbrella (D) / is sufficient to secure his best interests. (E)
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Fragment A: Japan is in a potential explosive

The adjective 'potential' to be replaced by the adverb 'potentially'.

Correct fragment: Japan is in a potentially explosive

Fragment B: neighborhood, and it no longer believe

The verb ‘believe’ to be replaced by 'believes', as Japan is a singular entity.

Correct fragment: neighborhood, and it no longer believes

Fragment C is absolutely correct.

Fragment D: U.S. for a defence umbrella

Article ‘the’ must be used before U.S. because it represents a union of states.

Correct fragment: the U.S. for a defence umbrella

Fragment E: is sufficient to secure his best interests.

The possessive adjective ‘his’ is used for showing possession for a male, whereas Japan is a country thus will be neuter in gender. So ‘its’ should be used here instead of his.

Correct fragment: is sufficient to secure its best interests.

Hence option C is correct.


Error Spotting is an extremely important topic of Grammar Knowledge and questions from this chapter are frequently asked in almost every Bank, SSC, UPSC or any other Government or Entrance Exam. Here’s mini quiz based on new pattern Error Spotting questions asked in IBPS Clerk Pre 2017 exam with detailed explanation. Attempt the Spot the Error Quiz based on new pattern and evaluate your performance. After you take the quiz you can go through the solution in detail and learn how to find error in sentence in sentences and prepare well for SBI Clerk 2018 or other upcoming Bank and SSC exams.