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Direction: In each of the questions, there are 4 sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence/s or part/s that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage and choose the answer accordingly.

  • 1.
    I. A week ago newspapers reported that a handful of the big Western oil companies
    II. were close to unveiling contracts for work in Iraq, 
    III. whose underexploited oil reserves are probably second
    IV. only to Saudi Arabia.
    A. I only B. II only
    C. IV only D. III and IV only
    E. No error

  • 2.
    I. The translation isn’t great and some of the local officials 
    II. have a tendency to go off at tangents, but it’s
    III. have found to gather opinion, and the Afghans have learnt
    IV. to be forthright with the straight-talking Americans. 
    A. I only B. II only
    C. III only D. II and IV only
    E. No error

  • 3.
    I. So once an economy is actually in recession,
    II. the authorities can, in principle, move the economy
    III. out of slump – assuming hypothetically
    IV. that they know how to – by a temporary stimuli.
    A. III only B. IV only
    C. I and II only D. I, III and IV
    E. No error

  • 4.
    I. The idea proposed has been put into practice by everyone
    II. from eight year old children who recycle, and major companies
    III. that desperately trying to perfect
    IV. alternative fuels for human use.
    A. I only B. II only
    C. III only D. II and III only
    E. No error

  • 5.
    I. If the energy legislation had
    II. a chance of passing, it would have
    III. stirred tens of billions of dollars of energy investment
    IV. toward efficiency projects, renewable resources such as solar, wind and nuclear power.
    A. I only B. II only
    C. III only D. II and IV only
    E. No error

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