Directions: In the questions given below, a sentence has been broken into four fragments. You are required to identify the part that contains an error and mark it as your answer. In case, all fragments are incorrect, please select ‘No error’ as your answer. 
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Fragment C is incorrect. It uses incorrect pronoun which instead of who. Who is used for living beings while which is used for inanimate objects.

Correct sentence: Despite the unethical business practices adopted by publishers of such journals, the number of researchers who publish in them has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Hence, option C is correct.
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Fragment A has an error due to use of the word principle which means a fundamental truth or proposition. The correct word would be principal which means first in order of importance/ main.

Correct sentence: The principal task of the Finance Commission is to assess the revenue and cost disabilities of the States and make recommendations to offset these disabilities through tax devolution and grants.

Hence, option A is correct.
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Fragment D is erroneous due to use of the word weather  which is used to refer to the climate instead of the conjunction whether.

Correct sentence: Since the essence of nonalignment was freedom of thought and action, India insisted that it was valid whether there was one bloc or no bloc.

Hence, option D is correct.
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Fragment B is erroneous due to use of the word advisories. As per the statement, there is a lot of tension between USA on the one hand and Russia and China on the other. Hence, advisory, meaning ‘having the power to make recommendations but not enforcing them” is not a good fit here.

Instead, the correct word is adversaries meaning enemies.

Correct sentence: The United States has identified both China and Russia as adversaries, whose leaders, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, are strong and determined to stand up to a faltering Donald Trump.

Hence, option B is correct.