Spotting Error Questions Quiz No. 68 with PDFs for SBI PO, SBI Clerk Mains, RBI Assistant Mains and IBPS PO Exams with Detailed Explanation

Directions: The given sentence has been broken up into four different parts. The error, if any, will be in any one part of the sentence. Select the option which contains the part of the sentence which has an error (spelling, grammatical or contextual). If there is no error, choose option E.
The government has acknowledged that (A) / economic growth did slow down in 2018-19 (B) / owing to declining in private consumption growth (C) / a tepid increase in fixed investments and muted exports. (D) / No Error (E)
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Fragment C has an error, with respect to verb.

Here verb should not be used in gerund form because it is preceded by infinitive “to”. Thus instead of “declining”, use of “decline” is preferred.

Correct fragment: owing to decline in private consumption growth,

Hence option C is correct.
This perplexing trend may be attributed to (A) / increasing compliance among businesses amidst (B) / the aggressive push by the (C) / tax authorities to wider the tax base. (D) / No Error (E)
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Fragment D has an error with respect to wrong use of part of speech.

Here instead of comparative degree of adjective “wide” (wider), verb “widen” is to be used in order to connote that the tax base should be increased or broadened.

Correct fragment: tax authorities to widen the tax base. 

Hence option D is correct.
The rush to pay tax arrears at the end (A) / of the financial year may have been another (B) / seasonal factor contributing to better tax (C) / collection during the last month. (D) / No Error (E)
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All the fragments are absolutely correct.

Hence option E is correct.
A poorly regulated pharmaceutical (A) / industry mean that antibiotics (B) / are freely available to (C) / those who can afford them. (D) / No Error (E)
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Fragment B is erroneous as Industry is singular, thus the verb “mean” should be used in singular form i.e. means.

Correct fragment: industry means that antibiotics

Hence option B is correct.
The stakeholders must appreciate (A) / that the only way to postpone (B) / resistance is though improved (C) / hygiene and vaccinations. (D) / No Error (E)
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Fragment C is erroneous as it uses “though” instead of “through”.

Correct fragment: resistance is through improved

Hence option C is correct.