Direction: In each question a sentence is given followed by a blank. You are provided with three fragments I, II and III. You have to identify which statement/statements can carry forward the given sentence in the most logical way so as to make the sentence coherent and contextually correct.
The auto sector has been _______________ pollution and the need to switch over to electric vehicles (EVs) over the next decade, occupying the centre-stage.
I. understanding the effect of pollution on the health of the human beings
II. downward due to the fact that the government is not able to contain
III. skyrocketing in the recent years without any proper background story
» Explain it
The given statement is regarding the problem of pollution in the automobile sector along with the fact that the next decade of this sector is going to belong to the automobile sector in the country.
Among the given statements, none will fit in the given context and therefore all can be eliminated from consideration.
This makes Option E the correct choice among the given options.
The consultation paper floated by the two leading stock exchanges has renewed the debate about the heavy tilt in the listed stocks universe towards a few sectors _______________.
I. and the inability of the Indian stock exchange to act as a mirror of the economy
II. making it difficult for the indices to reflect the true picture of the Indian economy
III. which distort the weightage of the various sectors in the Indian economy
» Explain it
Statement I is correct because it correctly implies the meaning that the Indian stock exchange is heavily tilted towards a few stocks. This means that the indices fail to reflect the real picture of the economy.

Statement II is also correct since it implies the same meaning whereas Statement III also implies that the heavy weightage towards few sectors implies the heavy distortion in the benchmark indices in India.

This makes Option D the correct choice among the given options.
_______________ such as the bankruptcy code and GST has failed to keep growth going in a period of benign commodity prices.
I. The government that has introduced progressive reforms
II. It is ironic that a government that introduced sweeping reforms
III. The parliament could not hold the moves
» Explain it
Statement I is correct here since it will make the context correct. The government has introduced progressive moves but it has not been able to achieve on every front here.
Statement II is also making sense here because here also the same meaning has been expressed.
Statement III is not making any sense here. Therefore it cannot be considered.
This makes Option D the correct choice among the given options.
The amount of pension and rules vary on the basis of years of service of an employee and nature of retirement, _______________.
I. be it voluntary or after reaching age of superannuation, among others
II. i.e. it should be natural retirement only and not voluntary retirement
III. and the amount of hard work put by others during the career
» Explain it
Statement I will make sense in the context because here we are talking about the rules of pension for the employees. It may be that the retirement is voluntary or natural but it will not matter in this context. The amount of pension will not depend on that.
Statement II will also make sense here because here we are saying that the pension amount will depend only in case of natural retirement and not voluntary one. It may be a condition in some cases.
Statement III will not be correct, if placed in the blank, because it does not fit here. It can be eliminated from consideration.
This makes Option C the correct choice among the given options.
Defying sceptics who warned that it would turn out to be a millstone around banks’ necks, the NDA’s Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) _______________.
I. has helped the government rein in inflation in the country
II. is a scheme that has stood the test of time so that it can become profitable for the government
III. seems to be delivering well on its financial inclusion objectives
» Explain it
Statement I is not correct since it is not implying the desired meaning here. We are talking about the success of the PMJDY scheme despite the initial hiccups in this regard. There is no relation with inflation. So this one can be eliminated.
Statement II is not correct since the scheme was never expected to bring profits to the government. It is a welfare scheme meant for the welfare of the citizens. Hence, this can be eliminated at once.
Statement III is correct because it implies that the PMJDY scheme was expected to be a weak link for the banking sector in the country but on the reverse, it has proved to be a masterstroke by the government as it has achieved the target of financial inclusion.
This makes Option B the correct choice among the given options.

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