Directions: In the questions below, a sentence is given, followed by five options. Choose the option that best conveys the same meaning as the original sentence and is correct with respect to grammar, meaning and usage.
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Sentence I. Men are generally biased against the qualities of women and can’t bear them grow.

The inclusion of the part ‘can’t bear them grow’ is absurd as the original sentence nowhere talks about women’s growth. Option A is hence eliminated.

Sentence II. Men, being biased towards themselves, claim that women can’t do many tasks which they can do with excellence.

Here, the phrase ‘many tasks’ makes option B a weak choice. The original sentence implies that men in general believe that women are inferior to them in any given task. Option B also gets eliminated.

Sentence III. Men are naturally biased and except the world to be like them only.

This can be eliminated straightaway. The original sentence talks about only ‘men’ and ‘women’ and not the whole ‘world’.

Sentence V. Men believe that they are superior to others and must not be taken for granted.

This is absolutely absurd and doesn’t make any sense in the context of the sentence given.

Sentence IV. Men, being extremely prejudiced against the qualities of women, opine that men are superior to women in any given task.

The above sentence conveys the same meaning as the original sentence does and is both grammatically and contextually correct.

Evidently, option D is the correct answer.
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Sentence I. In spite of the presence of government hospitals in great numbers, the patients are not being served adequately.

The original sentence nowhere specifies the scarcity or abundance of government hospitals. Inclusion of the phrase ‘in great numbers’ makes the sentence a weak choice. Option A gets eliminated.

Sentence III. Although government hospitals are trying their best to serve the poor patients yet the services provided by them are not inadequate in any manner.

Inclusion of the word ‘poor’ in the sentence makes this a weak choice as the original sentence doesn’t talk about the financial status of its patients anywhere.
Sentence IV. With an increasing population in the area, the government hospitals now find it difficult to serve their patients with quality treatment.

This sentence can also be eliminated as the original sentence nowhere mentions ‘increasing population’ a matter of concern.

Sentence V. Government hospitals in general lack resources and thus become unable to serve its patients with quality treatment.

Inclusion of the phrase ‘in general’ makes the sentence absurd as the original sentence talks of only ‘many’ government hospitals and not ‘all’ of them.

Sentence II. Even though there are many government hospitals which are providing health services to the populace of the region, the services rendered are inadequate in terms of quantity and quality.

The sentence above conveys the same meaning as the original sentence does and is hence the correct choice.

Evidently, option B is the correct answer.
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Sentence I. A country like India, the children of which are living in poor conditions, should avoid raising fancy slogans.

The original sentence just expresses the ironic situation of street children in India and it nowhere suggests an idea. Usage of ‘should’ in the sentence thus makes the sentence I a weak choice.

Sentence II. India with as big a child population as 3 million must work towards improving its children’s life conditions instead of raising slogans.

The sentence above is factually incorrect as it states the total population of children in India as 3 million where it’s just the population of street children in the country.

Sentence IV. On one hand India sees future in its children the population of which are as big in size as 3 million, it, on the other hand, neglects many of them who are living in extreme conditions.

The sentence III is incorrect as well following the same logic as discussed for the sentence II.

Sentence V. Being a country with 3 million street children, India must not raise slogans which are self-derogatory.

The sentence above is absolutely absurd and makes no sense at all.

Sentence III. It’s ironic to see India as a country that takes pride in proclaiming its children as the future of the nation whereas a huge population of them is living in abject conditions.

The sentence above appropriately conveys the same meaning as the original sentence does.

Option C is hence the correct answer.
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Option A is incorrect as it is factually incorrect (six years vs six decades)

Option B is incorrect as it changes the meaning of the original statement by using ‘unlike’ instead of ‘like’.

Option D is incorrect as it implies all its fellow institutions are in the higher education domain, something that is not mentioned in the original statement.

Option C is correct contextually and grammatically.

Hence, option C is correct. 
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Option A is incorrect as it alsouses the phrase ‘as in other nations’ which has not been mentioned originally.

Option C is incorrect as it seems to imply that mob lynching deliberately tried to get condemned which is absurd.

Option D is incorrect as the sentence structure does not make sense and is contextually also absurd.

Option B is the best fit. It conveys the same meaning as the original statement and is contextually and grammatically correct.

Hence, option B is correct.