English Questions for SBI PO, NRA CET 2021 | New Pattern Antonyms Quiz and Antonyms PDF for SBI PO 2021 at Smartkeeda

Directions: Some words have been given below along with a statement where they have been used in a certain context. You have to find the word from the options which is the most opposite to the given context and mark that as your answer.
INADVERTENT: The company argued the breach was inadvertent and it was unaware of the court order when the automatically generated email went out.
» Explain it
Inadvertent: not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning.
‘Deliberate’ means ‘on purpose’ and is most opposite to the context here.
Hence, option B is correct.
ANTAGONIZE: Canada has decided to not antagonize India in spite of its dismal human rights record.
» Explain it
Antagonize: cause (someone) to become hostile.
Placate means to calm/pacify/soothe something/someone. This is the most opposite in meaning. The rest are synonyms of antagonize.
Hence, option A is correct.
FORTHCOMING: The minister asked its coalition partner to treat regional parties well before striking an alliance for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
» Explain it
Forthcoming: about to happen or appear/ willing to divulge information/candid.
The word that does not fit in here is unavailable which is opposite in meaning to ‘forthcoming’.
Hence, option C is correct.
HAPLESS : Hapless farmers are committing suicide after government gave them paltry compensation for acquiring acres of land for a solar power plant.
» Explain it
Hapless means unfortunate.
Clearly, fortunate is the most opposite word here.
Hence, option D is correct.
PECULIAR: People go trekking and wander in the adjacent forest witnessing some of the peculiar flora and fauna of the Himalayas. 
» Explain it
Peculiar: different to what is normal or expected; strange.
As per the meaning above, ‘normal’ is most opposite in context here.
Hence, option C is correct.

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