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Hideous (adj) : 
If you say that someone or something is hideous, you mean that they are very ugly or unattractive.
Ex. She saw a hideous face at the window and screamed.

Abominable (adj) :
Something that is abominable is very unpleasant or bad.
Ex. The President described the killings as an abominable crime.

Grotesque (adj) :
You say that something is grotesque when it is so unnatural, unpleasant, and exaggerated that it upsets or shocks you.
Ex. Tthe grotesque disparities between the wealthy few and nearly everyone else.

Alluring (adj) :
Someone or something that is alluring is very attractive. = fascinating
Ex.  The most alluring city in UAE is Dubai.

Macabre (adj) :
You describe something such as an event or story as macabre when it is strange and horrible or upsetting, usually because it involves death or injury.
Ex. Police have made a macabre discovery.
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Heretic (noun) :
A heretic is someone whose beliefs or actions are considered wrong by most people, because they disagree with beliefs that are generally accepted.
Ex. He was considered a heretic and was ridiculed and ostracized for his ideas.
Dissident (noun) :
Dissidents are people who disagree with and criticize their government, especially because it is undemocratic.
Ex. ...political dissidents.
Believer (noun) :
A believer is someone who is sure that God exists or that their religion is true.
Ex. I made no secret of the fact that I was not a believer.
Offender (noun) : You can refer to someone or something which you think is causing a problem as an offender. = culprit
Ex. The contraceptive pill is the worst offender, but it is not the only drug to deplete the body's vitamin levels.
Orthodox (noun) : Orthodox beliefs, methods, or systems are ones which are accepted or used by most people.  = conventional
Ex. Many of these ideas are now being incorporated into orthodox medical treatment.
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Haughty (adj) : 
Arrogantly superior and disdainful.
Ex. He spoke in a haughty tone.
Pompous (adj) :
If you describe someone as pompous, you mean that they behave or speak in a very serious way because they think they are more important than they really are.
Ex. He was somewhat pompous and had a high opinion of his own capabilities.
Sullen (adj) :
Someone who is sullen is bad-tempered and does not speak much.
Ex. The offenders lapsed into a sullen silence.
Spurious (adj) :
Something that is spurious seems to be genuine, but is false.
Ex. He was arrested in 1979 on spurious corruption charges.
Modest (adj) :
Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.
Ex. "I felt very humble when meeting her"
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Hapless (adj) :
(especially of a person) unfortunate.
Ex. "the hapless victims of the disaster"
Discerning (adj) :
Having or showing good judgement.
Ex. " ... discerning customers"
Doomed (adj) :
Someone or something that is doomed is certain to fail or be destroyed.
Ex. I used to pour time and energy into projects that were doomed from the start.
Fortunate (adj) :
If you say that someone or something is fortunate, you mean that they are lucky.
Ex. He was extremely fortunate to survive...
Imitative (adj) :
People and animals who are imitative copy others' behaviour.
Ex. Babies of eight to twelve months are generally highly imitative.
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Haggard (adj) :
Someone who looks haggard has a tired expression and shadows under their eyes, especially because they are ill or have not had enough sleep.
Ex. He was pale and a bit haggard.
Exuberant (adj) :
If you are exuberant, you are full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness.
Ex. exuberant young girl who decided to become a screen actress.
Vile (adj) :
If you say that someone or something is vile, you mean that they are very unpleasant. = foul
Ex. She was in too vile a mood to work.
Emaciated (adj) :
A person or animal that is emaciated is extremely thin and weak because of illness or lack of food.
Ex. ...horrific television pictures of emaciated prisoners.
Exquisite (adj) :
Something that is exquisite is extremely beautiful or pleasant, especially in a delicate way.
Ex. Late M.F. Hussain's painting was exquisite.