Directions: In each of the following sentence there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options and each option consists of three words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct.
Naidu is now engaged in bringing up Amravati, the spanking new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, which will be of global standards, _________ the relatively better planned capital cities of Chandigarh and Gandhinagar. Under Naidu, Andhra Pradesh could also be India’s first user of the hyperloop, the __________ mode of travel being developed by the headline __________ US billionaire and inventor Elon Musk.
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Option A is incorrect due to the 1 and 2 blanks being a mismatch and the third being incorrect grammatically.
Option C is incorrect due to blanks 1 and 3.
Option D: Blanks 2 and 3 are wrong.
Option E is incorrect due to blank 3 being incorrect grammatically.
Option B is a perfect fit.
Hence, Option B is the answer.

There has been __________ debate about extending the stock market’s trading hours. Right now, the hours are _________ 9.15 am and 3.30 pm, and news reports suggested that SEBI would ask the exchanges to extend trading hours till 5 pm – but it seems to have been put in cold __________ again.
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Option A is incorrect as the blanks are absurd grammatically and contextually.
Option B is wrong due to blanks 2 and 3.
Option C is incorrect as the blanks are absurd.
Option E has no meaning and is incorrect.
Option D is a perfect fit.
Hence, Option D is the answer.

“Ultimately, my brother’s goal and my goal is almost the same. When we come before a mountain, the ways __________ to climb it can be different,” said Taizo. Taizo, who was known for his role in building Yahoo! Japan and __________ a multi-billion dollar online gaming company called Gungho in 2002, was in Bengaluru to announce the launch of Gastrotope, a start-up accelerator for Agri-food tech companies. For the 44-year old Taizo, the bet is always on the next big __________ .
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Blank 1: Options B and C do not fit in here and can be eliminated.
Blank 2: Finding a company is incorrect and hence option A can be eliminated. Out of making and founding, founding is a better fit. Hence, Option E may be correct.
This is confirmed by putting the last word in the last blank. All three blanks are a perfect match.
Hence Option E is correct. 

As 2017 has __________, it has become clear that the global economy is strengthening. Three interest-rates rises in the __________ eight months by the US FED, faster inflation in major economies, higher manufacturing purchasing managers’ indices and falling unemployment rates in the developed world are all indicators of a likely __________ in economic growth in 2017.
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Here, option A is incorrect due to the use of next for a situation which refers to the past and double use of growth which makes the sentence redundant.
Option B is incorrect as none of the blanks fit in.
Option C is wrong as none of the options are correct.
Option D is incorrect as the first blank conveys a meaning opposite of what is needed.
Option E is a perfect fit.

Last fortnight, commerce minister Suresh Prabhu said that __________ growth of exports is a __________. And that his ministry is working closely with the government’s policy ‘think tank’ NITI Aayog to ___________ a “strategic roadmap” for generating employment through exports. This is expected to be part of a Rs 40,000 crore fiscal stimulus by the government.
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Option A:  All the blanks are absurd here.
Option B: Blanks 1 and 2 are incorrect and do not fit in.
Option D: Blanks 1 and 2 are opposite of what is needed.
Option E: Blanks 1 and 2 are incorrect.
Option C is perfect here.
Hence, Option C is correct.