Directions: A sentence is given here with a blank and you need to fill the blank choosing the word/words given below. If all the words given can fill the blank appropriately, choose ‘All are correct’ as your answer.
Important for :
When the going gets tough, the _______ get going.

I. tough
II. gritty
III. strong 
» Explain it
Everyone must have heard this popular motivational saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Clearly, ‘tough’ has to fill the blank.

Now, both ‘gritty’ and ‘strong’ are synonyms of ‘tough’ and therefore either of them can fill the blank too.

Evidently, any of the three words can be filled in place of the blank.

Option E is hence the correct answer.
The king ________ over the words of his trusted and knowledgeable minister, and asked his guards to arrest the hunter and release the bird.

I. inclined
II. pondered
III. think
» Explain it
Two very important keywords are here in the sentence - ‘Trusted’ and ‘Knowledgeable’. What do we generally do when some trusted and knowledgeable gives a piece of advice to us? We ‘ponder’ over it. 

Ponder (Verb):

To think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

Clearly, ‘pondered’ is the best suited word here for the blank.

‘Think’ can’t be chosen here because it’s in present form whereas the word required for the blank has to be in past form.

Option D is hence the correct answer.
Being a parent is stressful but _______ , and in order to be a good parent you must make good children.
I. rewarding
II. demanding
III. fulfilling
» Explain it
Here, the connecter between ‘stressful’ and the blank is ‘but’ which clearly implies that two words with opposite meaning must be there.

‘Demanding’ is a synonym of ‘stressful’ and therefore can be eliminated.

Both ‘rewarding’ and ‘fulfilling’ are synonyms and both are antonyms of ‘stressful’.

Clearly, option B is the correct answer.
Researchers have been able to take audio clips, recreate realistic mouth movements, and then ______  it on to other existing videos through AI.

I. graft
II. integrate
III. combine
» Explain it
If one is aware of the meaning of all the three words given here, one can observe that they all are synonyms and all the choices are similar in meaning, we can say that ‘all are appropriate’ for the blank.

Option E is hence the correct answer.
First day at school, children are suddenly thrown into a ________ environment, juggling the pressure of learning new academic skills and establishing relationships with peers.

I. foreign
II. unfamiliar
III. unknown
» Explain it
Though all the words given here are synonyms, neither of the choice II and III can be picked for the blank because we have the indefinite article ‘a’ right before the blank and the words ‘unfamiliar’ and ‘unknown’ must be used with the article ‘an’ instead of ‘a’.

Clearly, option C is the correct choice.