Directions: In this question five alternatives are given under each sentence and you are required to select the most suitable alternative to fill in the blank/blanks in the sentence to make it meaningful.
A. A more personalized treatment __________is very cost-effective, both in terms of resource utilization and its effect on recidivism.
B. It was far different from the_________ of past administrations, which held interviews and discussions privately, with few hints of who was being considered.
C. An entirely different __________ yielded the only solid successes in neurological disease.
» Explain it
‘Method’ means procedure and can be used in the second blank but not suitable for the first and the third blank.

‘Mechansim’ means technique and can fit into the first blank but not in other blanks.

‘Plan’ means a logical design or scheme ,is an inappropriate word here and can’t be filled in any blank.

‘Way’ and ‘approach’ have similar meaning to a large extent but way fits only in second and third blank.

Whereas ‘approach’ fits perfectly in all the three blanks.

Approach is “the means of arriving to a certain point.”

Hence option B is correct.
A. But after the recent attacks, and with the Islamic State promising more terrorist strikes, a period of relative _________is over.
B. Another reason to ignore the moralizing bloviators on the right when they drone on about the moral _________ of liberalism.

C. A combination of macroeconomic _________ and microeconomic meddling, intended to boost growth, merely undermined public finances.
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The blanks here need a noun to be filled with.

Out of the given opions, only disregard and laxity are the nouns and rest other are adjectives.

Hence, options A, B and E get eliminated.

Between options C and D, disregard means to ignore, which is contextually wrong for all the sentences.

Laxity means flexibility in regulation or leninence in behavior. Thus, it perfectly fits in all the three blanks.

Hence option D is correct.
A. Curiosity, technical ________, and business understanding, are the hallmarks of those excelling in this field.
B. Trump is not a leader but a reality TV personality with no ________for a job that requires calm, steady and intelligent leadership.
C. They will undergo a series of exams to test their physical, psychological and emotional _______ for the job.
» Explain it
‘Know-how’ and ‘expertise’ are synonyms that means proficiency, which can fit in only blank 1.

The words ‘test’ and ‘attitude’ are unfit with respect to all the blanks.

‘Aptitude’ means the inherent ability of someone.

Thus, it filts all the three blanks contextually as well as grammatically.

Hence, option C is correct.
A. Federer has been short of matches and form this summer but showed glimpses of his ________ best on Centre Court.
B. It would undermine the widespread impression of the EU as bullying, ________and driven by self-interest.
C. Over the years, employees accused him of financial improprieties and having an_______style of leadership.
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‘Dominating’ can fit into blank 2 but is unfit for the other blanks.

‘Humbleness’ and ‘outstanding’ are the positive words, but in blank 3, we need a word with negative meaning as per the context.

‘Impetuous’ is to hasten, which is contextually incorrect.

‘Imperious’ means  arrogant or dominating attitude. Thus, it fits all the three blanks perfectly.

Hence option A is correct.
A. An advanced 'soft robotics' built using ________ outer materials will soon allow patients to be positioned quickly and comfortably using robotic hands.
B. It refers to the idea that the national identity is rooted in tradition, yet ultimately ________ and open to change.
C. Sport, and surfing is no exception, is _________, shifting in shape as times change and when individuals like Wilson introduce new ideas.
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‘Tolerant’ means open minded, which is suitable for blank 2 only , but doesn’t go well with the other blanks.

‘Workable’ means which is feasible, this will not fit in any of the given blanks.

‘Bending’ is to turn, which will fit in blank 3 only.

‘Austere’  is contextually incorrect.

‘Malleable’ means which can easily be influenced or changed. This fits in all the blanks perfectly.

Hence option E is correct.