Fill in the blanks Quiz 2 Directions: In each of the following sentence there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options and each option consists of three words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct.
Many joggers and dog walkers in the park appeared __________, joining the overwhelming majority of residents battling on without masks. Children played cricketand men read newspapers in _________ so thick that the park's ancient Islamic monuments were __________ visible in the gloom.
» Explain it
All the options except option A are incorrect.

Option A is correct as the options agree grammatically with the passage.

The phrase ’… men read newspapers in rain/winter/water/summers so thick …’ is not correct. 

Hence option A is correct.

All things were as _________ in the temple as ever I had seen them. The windows of the room of that side, __________ occupied by my friend, were dark and still, and there was no lounger in Garden court. I walked past the fountain twice or thrice before I ___________ the steps that were between me and my rooms, but I was quite alone.
» Explain it
Out of all the given options, the choices of option D only grammatically and contextually agree with the passage. 

Hence option D is correct.

Mother Nature doesn’t lend you even a ___________ of talent without expecting you to pay her back—with interest and gratitude. But here I am talking to someone who could _________ me! So, stand firm, Angelo—in my absence, you’ll stand in for me completely. Vienna’s criminals will be ___________ or pardoned based on what you feel and say.
» Explain it
The passage is trying to say that the criminals will either to executed or pardoned based on what you feel and say. 
Options A and D do not agree with the sentences.
Option C is a little confusing as the words seem to agree but as we look closely at the sentence ‘Vienna’s criminals will be ________ released or pardoned….’ Will be the same.
But all the given choices in option B absolutely fit in well.
Hence option B is correct.
Cambridge University-led research has successfully _________ washable, stretchable and breathable electronic circuits into fabric. The textile electronic devices are based on low-cost, _________ printing of inks based on graphene, a 2D form of carbon. The fabrics developed are ___________ to wear and can survive up to 20 cycles in a typical washing machine, said researchers.
» Explain it
The researchers have successfully incorporated washable electronic circuits into fabric. The printing is sustainable and the fabrics developed are comfortable to wear. 

Thus all other options are grammatically incorrect except option A.

Hence option A is correct.

Michael understands that creating an ecosystem around the smallholders is important to _________ them in gainful farming. The rural tribal areas are acutely ___________ in products and services required for profitable farming. The present scale and diffusion of agriculture technology is not attractive for conventional markets. Local entrepreneurship is essential to aggregate the demand and supply of farm inputs, services and outputs. It has to sustain the agripreneur, as well as help him stay __________ in the local market.
» Explain it
Michael wants them to sustain in gainful farming as the rural tribal areas are acutely deficient which means they do not have resources. Michael is putting efforts to maintain the competitiveness in the market.

Thus options A, B, C and E are grammatically incorrect.
Only option D is correct.

Hence, the correct choice is option D.