Directions: In each of the following questions a sentence is given with one blank. You have to fill the blank with one of the words given as options in order to make the sentence contextually and grammatically correct.
The investigation is at a crucial stage, therefore, if the accused is granted bail at this stage, it will ________ collection of further evidence.
» Explain it
All the given words are synonyms of obstruct, which means to block something.

This goes well with the context in a way that the bail grant to accused may adversely affect the collection of further evidences.

All the words are grammatically correct as well.

Hence option E is correct.
Bishop’s counsel also ________ that further detention was not needed since he had been interrogated for hours before and after his arrest.
» Explain it
'Ordered' means is contextually wrong as the counsel of Bishop is not in authority to pass an order. It is the authority of a Judge.

'claimed' means stated, which absolutely fits the blank.

'Acclaimed'  means to praise which is also absurd.

'Confessed' means to accept something, whereas here counsel is expressing its opinion. Thus confessed is incontextual.

Hence option B is correct.
The arrival of tourists to the destination has __________ considerably after the Nipah outbreak in Kozhikode district.
» Explain it
'Declined' means lessen, which is both grammatically as well contextually correct, as due to dissemination of Nipah virus, arrival of tourists decreased significantly.

'Surged' means increased, which is opposite to the required one.

'Less' is grammatically wrong.

'Repulsed' means rejected which is contextually wrong.

Hence option A is correct.
The spectacular show by Tata Motors in September clearly indicates that the company’s new generation cars are now finding buyers even in _______ times.
» Explain it
'Dense' means completely covered or opaque, which is incontextual.

'Commendatory' means favourable, which is also absurd here because the word 'even' indicates a contradictory situation here.

'Inept' means unskillful, which is irrelevant to the context.

'Difficult' clearly suits the context as it justifies the contradicton of Tata motor's good performance inspite of bad time for the industry.

Hence option D is correct.
A handful of farmers  __________ at Kisan Ghat in the morning said that they were there for some mental peace. 
» Explain it
'Heaped' and 'Stacked' are used to arrange something one above another, which is incontextual.

'Squandered' means to waste something recklessly, which is also absurd here.

'Gathered' means accumulated, which goes well with the context that the farmers were gathered at a certain place.

Hence option B is correct.