Directions: A sentence is given here with a blank and you need to fill the blank choosing the word/words given below. If all the words given can fill the blank appropriately, choose ‘All are correct’ as your answer.
We are a little _________ that the hearing in the two cases have different dates when there is a judicial order of taking both cases up together.

I. perplexed
II.  amused
III. happy
» Explain it
Here the statements represent two contradictory facts. Contradiction always creates confusion in one’s mind.

Therefore “perplexed” is the only word that fits in the blank absolutely.

Hence option A is correct.
It would be better if they could at least provide us some _________as to when the bills would be paid. 

I. insurance
II. assurance
III. importance
» Explain it
It seems to be an issue of non-payment of dues on the company’s part. Thus in that case “assurance” is something which can be provided to make the payment later.
Hence option B is correct.
Reservations to economically weaker sections would be provided without adversely _______ the SC/ST and socially and economically backward classes. 

I. affecting
II. effecting
III. influencing
» Explain it
The word "effect" is a noun and not used as a verb/present participle. Therefore, usage of it for the blank can be eliminated straightaway.
'Affect' and 'Influence' both are synonymous to each other as they mean 'have an effect on'.

Therefore, choices I and III absolutely fit the blank.

Hence option D is correct.
The southwest monsoon is a determinant of India’s overall _________ .

I. security
II. prosperity
III. riches
» Explain it
A great measure of India's GDP depends on agriculture and agriculture in India mainly depends upon monsoon. Therefore, among the given choices the noun 'prosperity' fills in the blank most appropriately. 
Option A is hence the correct answer.
South Asia ______ half of global low birth weight burden.

I. supports
II. bears
III. keeps
» Explain it
Both the verbs 'Bear' and 'Support' mean 'carry the weight of' and either of them is correct for the blank. However, 'keep' means 'have or retain possession of' would be absurd in the context of the sentence. Instead of 'keep', 'keep up' would have been correct as that is synonymous to 'Bear'. 

Option B is hence the correct answer.