Directions: In the given statements, a blank has been given. This needs to be filled up using the correct combination of words from the options mentioned, so that the resulting statement is grammatically and contextually correct.
Bangladesh delayed the start of the planned repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, _______ that it had not compiled a list of those ready to return.

I. On thin ice
II. On the grounds
III. For the reason 
» Explain it
I. On thin ice refers to being in the danger zone and if you make another mistake, there will be trouble. This is absurd in context of the sentence is incorrect.

Both on the grounds and for the reason mean the same. Both convey the correct meaning of the statement and are correct.

Only II and III are correct.
Hence, option D is correct.
America’s government was briefly _______ after Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a spending bill.

I. Turned off
II. Shut down
III. Shut Out
» Explain it
Here, the statement talks about the government briefly coming to a stop.

I. Turned off refers to stop a piece of equipment working temporarily by pressing a button or by moving a switch. Here, the government cannot be turned off as if it were an equipment and thus, this is incorrect.

II. Shut down means to stop and is correct.

III. Shut out means to exclude someone from something and is irrelevant here.

Hence, option B is correct. 
These approaches are not _______ to most business systems because they don’t have clearly defined outcomes and they deal with far too many variables.

I. Applicable
II. Pertinent
III. Validate
» Explain it
Applicable and pertinent both mean relevant/appropriate and are correct.

Validate is a verb while as per the sentence structure, the blank needs an adjective. Hence, this is incorrect.

Hence, option C is correct.
The new opportunities for Indian IT will _______ retraining of hundreds of thousands of engineers and establishment of new consulting practices.

I. Entail
II. Involve
III. Necessitate

» Explain it
All of the words are synonyms and mean need/require. All of them fit in well grammatically too and are correct.

Hence, option E is correct.
Strategic defaulters may _______ up to 40 percent of nonperforming loans, against an original estimate of 15 percent, which was revised to 25 percent at the end of 2017.

I. Account for
II. Add up
III. Back down 
» Explain it
I. Account for means ‘to explain, give a reason’.

Example: I hope you can account for the time you were out!

This fits in contextually and grammatically.

II. Add up means ‘to make sense, seem reasonable’.

Example: The facts in the case just don’t add up.

Up will be used twice if put in the blank. Also, in terms of the meaning, add up does not fit in.

III. Back down means ‘retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument’.

Example: She refused to back down and was fired as a result.

This is clearly incorrect.

Only I is correct.

Hence, option A is correct.
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