Direction : In each of the following sentence there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options and each option consists of three words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct.
“Ultimately, my brother’s goal and my goal is almost the same. When we come before a mountain, the ways            to climb it can be different,” said Taizo. Taizo, who was known for his role in building Yahoo! Japan and            a multi-billion dollar online gaming company called Gungho in 2002, was in Bengaluru to announce the launch of Gastrotope, a start-up accelerator for Agri-food tech companies. For the 44-year old Taizo, the bet is always on the next big              .
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Blank 1: Options B and C do not fit in here and can be eliminated.

Blank 2: Finding a company is incorrect and hence option A can be eliminated. Out of making and founding, founding is a better fit. Hence, Option E may be correct.

This is confirmed by putting the last word in the last blank. All three blanks are a perfect match.

Hence Option E is correct. 
Publicis Groupe, a leading advertising agency,              that it will not participate in any award shows, drop promotional activities for one year, and instead, spend monies on developing an AI -powered professional assistant, Marcel. The decision                    many eyebrows in the industry but Mark Tutssel, chairman says, “awards are the barometer of our health. So, we would never ever walk away from them. That is                 to even think.
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Blank 1: The sentence gives the impression that the company issued some sort of statement. Proclaimed and decreed are used in context of governments/royalty and does not fit in here. Options A and C can be eliminated.

Blank 2: As the announcement led to surprise, it cannot lower eyebrows. Option E is eliminated. Also hoisted means to push something up and does not fit here. Hence, option B is incorrect.

Option D is correct.
Agriculture’s contribution to India’s economy extends           the rural economy and             many activities in the manufacturing and service sectors. Export surplus from the country’s agricultural trade is higher than the                    figure achieved by the manufacturing sector.
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Option A: The second blank with include is grammatically incorrect and can be eliminated.

Option B: Blank one is incorrect.

Option D: Blank two is absurd.

Option E: This sentence is grammatically and contextually incorrect.

Option C: This is a perfect fit.

Hence, option C is correct.
A $2.6 billion deal with general electric, centered on building 1,000 diesel locomotives in Bihar, almost came unstuck recently, thanks to the              bureaucracy in the Railway Ministry.  Bihar chief minister had to send desperate SOS ’ to the Railway Minister to get him to             in the matter and ensure that that the project was not cancelled. the contract, signed in 2015, was seen as a big              for both ‘Make in India’ scheme and for Bihar.
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The deal got stuck because of bureaucratic issues in the Railway Ministry. Fanatic is used in the context of religion and can be eliminated. Passionate shows a positive relationship and can’t be right as the sentence talks about the issue in a negative way. Muted is meaningless.

Thus, Option A, D and E can be eliminated.

Blank 3 can be filled both by Options B and C.

Blank B: Here, option C does not make sense here.

Option B fits in perfectly well with all the blanks.

Hence, Option B is correct.
A resolution for the return of Rohingya refugees is                   for the security of both Bangladesh and india, mainly because of the link to terrorism of some Rohingya militants. Since Bangladesh cannot                   the Rohingya refugees back, the solution may be                  global opinion for political reforms in rakhine and for Myanmar to take its people back.
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From the blanks we see the first one requires a word that shows it is important for Rohingya refugees to return. This eliminates Options C, D and E.

Blanks 2 and 3: The words in option B do not fit in and thus, this option can be eliminated.

Hence, Option A is correct.