Directions: The following question has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits in the context of the sentence.
The ________ of honest politicians is the reason for the ________ state of the country.

» Explain it
“Slur” which means ‘insult’ and “glorious” which means ‘great’ are not appropriate for the respective blanks. Option A, thus, can be eliminated.

If honest politicians are available in “abundance”, then the country would not be in a “sad” state; which rules out option B. Similarly “lack” of honest politicians cannot be the reason for “progressive” state of the county. This rules out option D as well.

In option E, “sparse” will not be the grammatically correct choice for the first blank and thus can be eliminated too.

Option C is apt as both the words fill in the blanks in a logically and grammatically correct way. “Shortage” means ‘a lack of’ and “miserable” means ‘wretchedly poor or unhappy’.
Option C is hence the correct answer.

It is in the second and third years of the child's life that the ________ of the development of the mental processes is most apparent, and it might seem more reasonable to adopt a strictly _________ order to note the same.

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When we talk about the development of the mental processes being most apparent, we need an adjective that will describe this progress. Options A and B, thus, can be eliminated. 

“Stimulus” means ‘an agent or action or condition that elicits a response’ and usage of this for the first blank is also irrelevant. Option D gets eliminated as well.

We could consider option 3, as ‘nature of development’ sounds logical. However, when we look at the option for the second blank- “celestial” which means ‘relating to the heavens’ or ‘divine’, this does not sound correct. So option C can be eliminated too.
“Chronological” means ‘arranged in order of time of occurrence’ and logically fits the second blank.
Option E is hence the correct answer.

In the automotive world, boost refers to the increase in pressure that is __________ by the turbocharger in the intake manifold that __________ normal atmospheric pressure.

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The key words/phrases in the sentence are 'boost' and 'increase in pressure' and the use of either "composed (which goes absurd in the context)" or "invented" goes absurd in the context and hence options D and E can be eliminated. Moreover, a turbocharger is an equipment which actually 'forces' or 'generates' extra air into the combustion chamber and this confirms the word "generated" as an appropriate choice for the first blank.

The sentence further talks about the increase in pressure which points towards the word "exceeds" which logically completes the sentence.
Option A is hence the correct answer.

The critical outbursts from the ministers are ____________ of the fact that there is no real ____________ in the Union cabinet on the current austerity drive.

» Explain it
Since the outbursts are “critical” (criticizing) they signify the fact that- the best word to convey this meaning in the context is ‘reflective’ or ‘indicative’- of the fact. Therefore, we can eliminate options A, D and E.

Besides, though "harmony" indicates order in a general sense, "consensus (a general agreement)" conveys the intended meaning of the sentence and is the correct word for the second blank. Option B, thus, gets elimiated as well.
Option C is hence the correct answer.

The emergency services _________ the accident site as soon as the news of the train collision was _______ to them.

» Explain it
In the context of the sentence, the emergency services arrive at the accident site in time. Hence, the only suitable word for the first blank is "reached".
Besides, the word "relayed" meaning 'passed on' fits the second blank correctly as the news of the accident was passed on to the emergency services.
Option D is hence the correct answer.