English Questions for SBI PO 2020 | New Pattern Idioms and Phrases for SBI PO Mains 2020

Directions: Identify the words that are similar in meaning to the phrase in bold. If none of option conveys the correct meaning, mark (E) as your answer. The options do not necessarily need to be grammatically correct.
He said he was serious about his stand against the war and was not just another yellow-belly.
» Explain it
Yellow-belly: A person who is yellow-bellied is cowardly, or not at all brave.

Ex: The bus was full of yellow-bellied passengers who disappeared when the driver was attacked by two youths.

As per the meaning, only option C fits in.

Hence, option C is correct.
Indian applications for the coveted H-1B work permit visas could fall amid increased scrutiny by the US government and changing business models.
» Explain it
Scrutiny: Someone or something that is under (close) scrutiny is being watched or examined carefully.

Ex: The police are keeping the suspect under close scrutiny.

Probe and inspection mean to examine and match with the meaning of scrutiny.

Glance is the opposite of scrutiny.

Hence, option D is correct.
Urjit Patel's speech on PNB Fraud made it clear that he is no yes-man for New Delhi. 
» Explain it
Yes-man: A yes-man is someone who always agrees with a person in authority in order to please them.

Ex: He is a yes-man. He agrees with everything the boss says!

Accomplice means a partner and does not depict the correct relationship here (of a boss and subordinate).

Both C and D can be easily eliminated.

Minion means somebody who is a subordinate/follower. This fits in.

Hence, option A is correct.
The surgery went very well, and the doctor is optimistic that she'll be up and about soon.
» Explain it
Up and about: If someone is up and about, they are out of bed or have recovered after an illness or an injury.

Ex: The boy was kept in hospital for a week but he's up and about again.

Out of all the options, only out of bed matches the meaning given above.

Hence, option B is correct.
China's Ambassador to the United States said it was China's preference to resolve the trade dispute with Washington through negotiations but it takes two to tango.
» Explain it
Takes two to tango: You say this when you think that a difficult situation cannot be the fault of one person alone.

Ex: We've heard her side of the story - but it takes two to tango!

Dissent and disagree are synonyms and opposite of the correct meaning.

Annihilate means to destroy and is irrelevant.

Only cooperation is correct here.

Hence, option A is correct.