Idioms and Phrases for SBI Clerk Pre 2018 Exam

Directions: Identify the words that are similar in meaning to the phrase in underline. If none of option conveys the correct meaning, mark (E) as your answer. The options do not necessarily need to be grammatically correct.
If we don't offer a good price for the house now, we'll probably miss the boat.
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Miss the boat: If you miss the boat, you fail to take advantage of an opportunity because you don't act quickly enough.

Ex: I managed to get my order through before the end of the special offer - but I nearly missed the boat!

As per the meaning above, acted quickly is opposite to the correct meaning.

Options C and D are irrelevant.

Only acted late matches with the context.

Hence, option B is correct.
“I expect you to do the job well but don’t try to boil the ocean!”
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Boil the ocean: To “boil the ocean” means to waste time on a task or project that is unnecessary and not worth doing.

Ex: You’re wasting my time. You might as well be boiling the ocean.

The closest option matching the correct meaning is waste time.

Hence, option C is correct.
I made no bones about it and directly told him his offer was unacceptable.
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Make no bones about something:  If you make no bones about something, you don't hesitate to say something in a frank and open way.

Ex: Tom made no bones about wanting to be promoted.

This eliminates warm behavior.

Out of the rest, only being blunt fits in. Rude and discourteous do not match with the meaning conveyed above.

Hence, option C is correct.
I don't know how he puts up with their constant complaining.
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Put up with something: To endure someone or something that one finds unpleasant or annoying.

Ex: I don't know how you put up with John—he's such a loudmouth!

The only option that fits in is tolerate meaning to endure.

Hence, option A is correct.
We just need to iron out a few things before the new software ready for release.
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Iron out: To ease, solve, or remove minor difficulties, troubles.

Ex: Your friends and family are great means of support when you need to iron out the wrinkles of your life.

Use an iron takes the phrase literally which is incorrect.

Of the rest, only option D- Tackle minor issues- fits in.

Hence, option D is correct.