Directions: Identify the words that are similar in meaning to the phrase in underline. If none of option conveys the correct meaning, mark (E) as your answer. The options do not necessarily need to be grammatically correct.
Asked after his re-election if he would run for yet another term in office, Putin laughed off the idea.
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Laugh off: To dismiss something or someone as ridiculous or laughable.

Ex: She laughed off the critic's conclusion that the show was a flop.

The only option that is suitable here is dismiss.

Omit means to leave out something.

Considered means to think over something

Illuminate means to light up something.

Hence, option D is correct.
Looking back on the 3-0 series loss against Australia in the ODI, Raj suggested the heavy defeats had much to do with the fragility of the middle order and the inability of the bowling unit to perform at its consistent best.
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Looking back on: To think of or remember what has happened in the past.

Ex: She looked back on her career with a great deal of satisfaction.

Anticipate means to expect something.

Remember is the only option that fits in here.

Hence, option D is correct.
Rahul Gandhi was fighting an unequal battle with his back to the wall but he negotiated with the local agitators and managed to bring them into the Congress platform.
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Back to the wall: If you have your back to the wall, you are in serious difficulty with very few options available.

Ex: With his back to the wall, the supplier had to accept the deal.

Option B is the only one that matches the correct meaning.

Hence, option B is correct.
The Chinese media in a backhanded compliment hailed the ISRO launching 104 satellites but not before reminding India it had the world's largest number of poor and its space technology lagged China by miles.
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Backhanded compliment: A remark that appears to express admiration but could also be interpreted as an insult.

Ex: He said my presentation was "surprisingly clear". How's that for a backhanded compliment! Does that mean that I am usually not clear ?"

Gauging and judging mean the same. Out of all the options, insulting matches the meaning well.

Hence, option B is correct.
Economic growth is a crucial measure of a country's success and thus the data put out by the Indian government needs to be above board, allowing investors and voters to make well-informed choices.
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Above board: If a situation or business is described as above board, it is open, honest and legal.

Ex: There are not secret negotiations. Our dealings have always been above board.

Covert means hidden while dishonest is opposite of the correct meaning.

Complete is irrelevant.

Legitimate is correct and means honest.

Hence, option C is correct.