New Pattern English Questions PDF for SBI PO 2019 | Word Replacement Quiz for SBI PO 2019

Directions: A sentence is given below with three/two words highlighted in bold. Select the option that gives the correct set of words as a replacement to the bold words. In case the sentence is correct, select ‘No improvement required’.
Any kind of accounting intrigue that makes the books look rosy will come at the cost of inaccuracy with which banks reflect their financial condition.
» Explain it
The original set of words refer to the following:

Intrigue refers to a secret plan and thus it seems a misfit to use with accounting.

Inaccuracy means incorrectness, is also inappropriately used, as the banks will prepare their books of accounts with accuracy and not with inaccuracy. This clearly does not fit in.

Condition- refers to the state of something with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order. This is correctly used as per the context.

While looking at the options, ‘techniques’ (option A) is grammatically incorrect, as ‘techniques' would not precede a singular verb “makes”.

Consistency’(option B) is contextually incorrect as it means uniformity. This does not fit in and makes the statement meaningless.

Sound’(option D) is grammatically incorrect. The correct word would have been soundness whihc means health.
All the words of option C are absolutely correct, ‘Chicanery’ means use of tricks to deceive. Accuracy’ means correctness while health’ is used to show state or financial state and is correct contextually.

Hence option C is correct.
The actual reason that led to the breakthrough of the current conflict could be the controversial Prasad Education Trust case, in which the petitioners alleged that some individuals were envisaging to influence the Supreme Court.
» Explain it
The original words refer to the following: 
Breakthrough- an achievement after a lot of hard work. The tone is negative here and thus this is incorrect.

Controversial- disputed. This is correct in the present context.

Envisaging- imagining. This does not make any sense as it implies that the individuals were imagining influencing the Supreme Court . This sounds absurd.

The original set of words is incorrect. 

Option A- ‘Emission’ means discharge and is irrelevant here.

Option C- ‘Combative’ means aggressive or belligerent and ‘conceiving’ to dreaming or preparing an idea. Both are irrelevant to the context and incorrect.

Option D- ‘Castigating’ means criticizing and does not fit in.

Looking at Option B- 
All the words in this option fit well grammatically as well as contextually.

Outbreak- sudden occurrence.
Contentiouscausing or likely to cause an argument.
Plotting- planning.

Hence option B is correct.
Following public protests and political pressure, and on the strength of hurriedly drafted legislation, jallikattu is now back on the Pongal calendar. 
» Explain it
All the bold words are correc and do not need any replacement.

Hence option E is correct.
Civil society groups are afraid that the measure is objective to grant immunity to the police and the military, as well as to fine critics. 
» Explain it
In the original set of words, use of 'objective' is grammatically as well as contextually incorrect. This makes the entire set incorrect.

Option B- ‘Objection’ means challenging or disagreeing with something and is contextually incorrect.

Option C- ‘Support’ is the opposite of what is needed and is contextually incorrect.

Option D- 'Happy' and 'Impoverish' are contextually incorrect and do not fit in.

Option A- All the words are appropriately used as a replacement to the bold words.

Apprehensive- fearful or concerned.
Intended- aimed.
Penalize- punish.

Hence option A is correct.
The cycle comes each passing year, with the lag among price and production enriching a huge mismatch between supply and demand. 
» Explain it
Use of preposition ‘among’ is incorrect in the sentence, as among is used for more than two things or persons, whereas here, only two variables are used- price and production. Also the phrase 'enriching a mismatch' does not make sense. Hence, the original set is incorrect.

Option A- The preposition ‘from’ is grammatically incorrect.

Option B- ‘Stop’ is contextually as well as grammatically incorrect. It is the opposite of what is needed.

Option C- ‘Reasoning’ does not match as the last word and is contextually incorrect.

Option D- All the words are appropriately used as a replacement for the bold words. They make the statement meaningful.

Hence option D is correct.