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Choose the right answer from the given options.
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  • 1. The exchange of commodities between two countries is referred as 
    A. Balance of trade B. Bilateral trade
    C. Volume of trade D. Multilateral trade

  • 2. Which is the biggest tax paying sector in India?
    A. Agriculture sector B. Industrial sector
    C. Transport sector D. Banking sector

  • 3.
    Which of the following is a receipt listed in India and traded in rupees declaring ownership of shares of a foreign company?
    A. Indian Depository Receipt (IRD)
    B. European Depository Receipt (EDR)
    C. American Depository Receipt (ADR)
    D. Global Depository Receipt (GDR)
    E. Luxemburg Depository Receipt (LDR)

  • 4.
    According to provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 a resident individual is categorized as a ‘very senior citizen’ when he is
    A. 80 years of age or older
    B. 75 years of age or older
    C. 90 years of age or older
    D. 85 years of age or older
    E. 65 years of age or older

  • 5.
    A type of fraud wherein criminals trick an innocent person to share his or her a/c details to carry out financial transactions is known as:
    A. Identity theft B. Hacking
    C. Money laundering D. Espionage
    E. Phishing

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