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Choose the right answer from the given options.
important for :
CGLTier 1 SSC 10+2

  • 1.
    As per the TRIPS Agreement 1994, a good originating from a region with specific character/ quality/ reputation is covered/ to be protected under the IPR as
    A. Patent B. Trademark
    C. Trade secret D. GI(Geographical Indicator)

  • 2. ‘Gold’ is mainly related to
    A. Local market B. National market
    C. International market D. Regional market

  • 3. Bilateral monopoly refers to the market situation of
    A. two sellers, two buyers B. one seller and two buyers
    C. two sellers and one buyer D. one seller and one buyer

  • 4. Externality theory is the basic theory of the following branch of Economics:
    A. Environomics B. Fiscal Economics
    C. International Economics D. Macro Economics

  • 5. “Functional Finance” is associated with:
    A. Adolph Wogner B. Adam Smith
    C. Adams D. Abbad ‘P’ Lerner

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