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Direction : Study the following question carefully and choose the right answer.
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  • 1. The westerlies have their origin in the
    A. Polar highs B. Subtropical highs
    C. Equatorial lows    D. Sub polar lows

  • 2. Mid-Latitude cyclones
    A. Usually move across North-America from East to West B. Are generally found only over the ocean
    C. Generally bring clear skis and little precipitation D. Are formed in regions of strong temperature contrasts

  • 3. Albedo effect would be relatively higher in
    A. Early morning and late evening B. Early morning only
    C. Noon D. Late evening only

  • 4. The humidity of air measured in percentage is called
    A. Absolute humidity B. Specific humidity
    C. Relative humidity D. All of these

  • 5. Chinook is a
    A. Cold wind in Europe B. Tropical desert storm in West Asia
    C. Warm wind in North America D. Depression to South Africa