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Choose the right answer from the given options.
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  • 1.
    The earliest coins called the punch-marked were largely made of
    A. Gold B. Silver
    C. Copper D. Iron

  • 2. The earliest inscriptions were written in which language
    A. Pali B. Prakrit
    C. Sanskrit D. Tamil

  • 3. The Indian legal and judicial systems were founded in
    A. Later Vedic period B. Pre Mauryan age
    C. Mauryan age D. Gupta age

  • 4.
    According to ancient Indian ideas the sequential order of the cycle of four ages/yugas is
    A. Dvapara krita, treta and kali
    B. Krita Dvapara, treta and kali
    C. Krita, treta, kali and Dvapara
    D. Krita, treta, Dvapara and kali

  • 5.
    Which of the represents the devotional songs of the Sikhs sung in Gurdware on religious occasion?
    A. Shabads B. Gurupurabs
    C. Kirtans D. Bhajans

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