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Jajmani or Yajmani system was a Indian social caste system and its interaction between upper castes and lower castes. It was an economic system where lower castes performed various functions for upper castes and received grain in return.

Characteristics of Jajmani system are

1. Relationship under Jajmani was permanent.
2. Jajmani was hereditary.
3. Castes received grains against services rendered.
4. Barter system.
The capital city ‘Daydo’ established by Kublai Khan is situated at—
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Kublai Khan (1215-1294) was the founder of the Yuan Dynasty. After defeating is younger brother Alibuge who intended to grab the crown in 1264, Kublai Khan took the throne, with “Zhiyuan” as the reign title. Afterwards, he moved the capital to Yanjing (the current Beijing) and renamed it “Dadu”. In 1271, Kublai Khan set “Yuan” as the official name of the nation and then confirmed Dadu as the capital in 1272.