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Choose the right answer from the given options.
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  • 1.
    Between 1309 and 1311, Malik Kafur led two campaigns in South India. The significance of the expeditions lies in it that 

    1. They reflected a high degree of boldness and spirit of adventure on the part of the Delhi rulers.

    2. The invaders returned to Delhi with untold wealth.

    3. They provided fresh geographical knowledge.

    4. Alauddin promoted Malik Kafur to the rank of Malik-naib or Vice- Regent of the empire.

    Select the correct answer using the codes given below
    A. 1 and 3 B. 1, 2 and 4
    C. 2 and 4 D. All of the above

  • 2. Ibn Batuta’s work, Rihla, completed in 1355, is
    A. An autobiography
    B. An account of the Delhi Sultans from Aibak to Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
    C. A religious text
    D. An account of trade with Morocco

  • 3. The savior of the Delhi Sultanate was
    A. Qutub-ud-din Aibak B. Minas-us-Siraj
    C. Iltutmish D. Ghias-ud-din Balban

  • 4.
    The Muslim adventurer who destroyed the Nalanda University was
    A. Alla-ud-din Khilji B. Muhammad-bin-Tughlak
    C. Muhammad-bin-Bhaktiyar D. Muhammad-bin-Quasim

  • 5. Which of the following was not built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq
    A. Firozabad B. Fatehabad
    C. Tughlaqabad D. Jaunpur