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Choose the right answer from the given options.
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  • 1. One of the following is true about the Better Government of India Act, 1858
    A. Board of Control was established
    B. Power got transferred from company to the crown
    C. Company lost monopoly of trade
    D. Company’s affairs were regulated

  • 2.
    Through which of the following Charter Acts, the Governor General of Bengal became the Governor General of India?
    A. The Regulating Act of 1773
    B. The Charter Act of 1813
    C. The Charter Act of 1833
    D. The Charter Act of 1853

  • 3. A federal structure for India was first put forward by the:
    A. Act of 1909 B. Act of 1919
    C. Act of 1935 D. Act of 1947

  • 4. The constitutional amendment bill can be initiated in
    A. The Lok Sabha
    B. The Rajya Sabha
    C. The State Assemblies
    D. Either of two houses of the Parliament

  • 5.
     The Supreme Court has overturned a 2009 Delhi High Court judgment and recriminalized gay sex in India under which of the following sections of Indian Penal Code?
    A. 371 B. 374
    C. 376 D. 377