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Direction : Study the following question carefully and choose the right answer.
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  • 1.
    Which one of the following metals is less reactive than hydrogen?
    A. Barium B. Copper
    C. Lead D. Magnesium

  • 2.
    Which one of the following substances is made from natural raw materials?
    A. Rayon B. Nylon
    C. Polyester D. Polystyrene

  • 3. An a-particle consists of which of the following?
    A. 2 protons and 2 neutrons B. 1 proton and 1 electron
    C. 2 protons and 4 neutrons D. 1 proton and 1 neutron

  • 4.
    Which of the following isotopes of carbon is/are used in carbon dating?
    A. 6C12 only B. 6C13 only
    C. 6C14 only D. 6C12 and 6C14

  • 5.
    Which one of the following is involved for desalination of sea water?
    A. Reverse osmosis B. Simple osmosis
    C. Use of sodium aluminum silicate as zeolite D. Use of ion selective electrodes