Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answers the questions given below:
Important for :
____________ refers to degree of accomplishment of the tasks and is measured in terms of results.
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Performance refers to degree of accomplishment of the tasks and is measured in terms of results. It involves evaluating employee performance on the job.

Hence, option A is correct.
Which of the following is/are objectives of performance appraisal?

I. It is used to validate hiring decisions.
II. It aids in manpower planning.
III. It is used to assess the employee and aid in promotion decisions.
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All the statements are correct and are objectives of performance appraisal.

Hence, option E is correct.
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The performance appraisal process consists of the following stages:

Establishing performance standards

Communicating set standards

Measuring the actual performance

Taking corrective action

Compare actual performance with standards

Taking corrective action

Hence, option C is correct.
Which of the following is an objective source to measure actual performance during the performance appraisal process?
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Subjective performance measure are based on opinions and can be biased while objective measures can be quantified and measured. Only option D is an objective criteria while the rest are subjective in nature.

Hence, option D is correct.
Which level of jobs is best suited to being measured by objective criteria of performance appraisal?

I. Lower level
II. Middle level
III. Top management
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The jobs at lower level are best suited for being appraised via the objective criteria as at the lower level, the tasks can be specified and defined well which may not be possible at the middle and top management levels.

Hence, option A is correct.