Important for :
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Out of the given options, the option 'B', which says that marketing efforts specifically aim at facilitating satisfying exchange relationships, is broad and covers the whole cocept of marketing. 

Option 'B' is, hence, the correct answer.

In exchange relationships, benefits are given with the expectation of receiving a comparable benefit in the future or in return for a benefit already received.
Premier, a smokeless cigarette, failed because it could not be easily lit with a match. This failure was due to:
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It is evident from the statement that the mentioned cigarette brand failed because it was creating a negative experience for its customers and this further led to customer dissatisfaction. 

Option 'C' is, hence, the correct answer.
The type of product that results from applying human and mechanical efforts to people is:
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Of course a service it is. 

Ex. A teacher (a human being) serves his students with the help of a projector (machine).
'Parents Against Drunk Drivers' is a group that acts to change attitudes and laws about driving under the influence of alcohol. This group primarily markets:
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Market offerings are either an individual product, service, idea, experience offered or a combination of these to a market to satisfy consumer needs or wants.

Ex. 'Swachh bharat abhiyan' is also an idea which is being marketed by the Government of India under Mr. Narendra Modi's leadership.
When Campbell’s introduced its line of low-sodium soups in response to consumer demand, it was following which one of the following philosophies?
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Marketing is all about satisfying your customers' needs, wants or desires better than the competitors while earning profit. 

As Campbell is trying to satisfy its customers' demand, it too follows the Marketing concept. 

Option 'D' is, hence, the most appropriate choice here.