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Direction: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.
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  • 1.
    In respect of a pub chain seeking to learn more about trends in dining out, the following are all examples of ________; Financial Times industry sector surveys; other pub chians annual reports, and reports published by trade bodies representing the licensed pub trade.
    A. tertiary data B. market information system
    C. primary data D. secondary data

  • 2.
    Which of the following indicators is most likely to be an effective predictor of UK demand for new commercial catering equipment in one year’s time?
    A. sterling exchange rate
    B. household discretionary income
    number of people attending professional catering equipment exhibitions
    D. Gross Domestic Product

  • 3.
    Factors that are crucial to the effectiveness of a company’s marketing intelligence systems are listed below. Which factor is INCORRECT?
    an accurate description of the company’s information needs
    B. xtensiveness of the search for intelligence
    C. speed of communication
    D. appointment of a full time marketing research manager

  • 4.
    ‘Mystery Shopper’ surveys can best be described as a form of:
    A. observational research
    B. desk research
    C. essentially quantitative research
    D. attitudinal research

  • 5.
     Which of the following is NOT an element of a Marketing Information System?
    A. marketing research B. decision support system
    C. production monitoring system D. internal research

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