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Pricing - Marketing Questions for IBPS SO and SBI SO Exams

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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below.

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  • 1.
    All of the following would be considered to be among the internal factors that affect price decisions EXCEPT:
    A. Competition B. Costs
    C. Marketing objectives D. Organizational considerations

  • 2.
    All of the following would be considered to be among the external factors that affect price decaisions EXCEPT:
    A. Nature of the market and demand
    B. Competition
    Environmental factors such as the economy and social concerns
    D. Costs

  • 3. A company must pay each month’s bills for rent, heat, interest, and executive salaries. Such costs would most appropriately be labelled as:
    A. Total costs B. Variable costs
    C. Fixed costs D. Dynamic costs

  • 4.
    If a seller were to set prices based on buyers’ perceptions of value rather than on the seller’s costs, the seller would be using which of the following forms of pricing?
    A. Competition-based pricing B. Going-rate pricing
    C. Cost-based pricing D. Value-based pricing

  • 5.
    When demand elasticity is hard to measure, firms feel that ________ form of pricing makes sense. The idea is that the collective wisdom of the industry will produce a price that will yield a fair return. Which of the following pricing methods is most appropriate to the description just given?
    A. Cost-plus pricing B. Break-even pricing
    C. Everyday low pricing D. Going-rate pricing


IBPS SO 2017 Mains exam is nearing and most of the IBPS SO exam aspirants must be burning the midnight oil to cover the complete syllabus with an aim to securing the marks required to land among the toppers. Keeping the same in mind, www.smartkeeda.com has brought to you Marketing Quizzes with Marketing Questions that can prove extremely beneficial for the upcoming IBPS SO Mains exam. Here’s a 10 Marketing Question Quiz set for you to practise. Read the question carefully and try to select the correct answer. Thorough explanation with examples is given with each of the questions. Kindly go through the explanation part once you finish all the 10 Marketing questions.  

All the best!
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