Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below.
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Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in which among the following states in India?
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Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest mangrove stretch of the country with around 24 kinds of mangroves, 120 kinds of birds and animals etc. This place is also the home to various endangered species such as the long billed venture.

Hence, option B is correct.
Which among the following is NOT a tournament associated with badminton?
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Sophia Cup, Narang Cup, Divan Cup and Amrit Diwan Cup are tournaments arranged for badminton. Murugappa Gold Cup is a tournament associated with hockey. Some other tournaments associated with hockey are Nehru Trophy, Sindhi Gold Cup, Wellingtom Cup etc.

Hence, option E is correct.
America Cup is associated with which among the following?
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Sports Tournaments
Yatch Racing America Cup
Rugby Football Webb Ellis Trophy, Calcutta Cup, Bledisloe Cup
Shooting North Wales Cup, Wales Grand Prix
Volleyball Centennial Cup, Federation Cup, Indira Pradhan trophy
Hence, option A is correct.

Tatipudi Reservoir Project in Andhra Pradesh is situated on which among the following rivers?
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Tatipudi Reservoir Project is built on Gosthani river in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and it works as the water supply project to the city of Vizag. This dam was built in 1963-1968. It is also aimed at increasing the total irrigation area of the city.

Hence, option C is correct.
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The present governor of Gujarat is Acharya Dev Vrat whereas Mridula Sinha used to serve as the governor of Goa till 2019. Satyadev Narayan Arya is the present governor of Haryana and Fagu Chauhan is the present governor of Bihar. The present governor of Goa is Satya Pal Mallik.

Hence, option A is correct.