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Directions : Read the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.
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Each member in a kitty party contributed twice as many rupees as the total number of members present and total collection was Rs. 9248. The number of members present in the party was?
» Explain it
Let the number of members in the party be x.

As, per the given condition:

Each member has given twice as many rupees as number of members,

∴  x  ×  2x = 9248

2x2 = 9248

x2 = 4624

Taking square root of both the sides,

x = 68.

Option A, is hence the correct answer.
The product of two numbers is 2560 and their HCF is 16. The LCM of the numbers will be?
» Explain it

HCF × LCM = Product of two numbers


16 × LCM = 2560

LCM = 2560

= 160

So, the LCM of the given numbers= 160

Option B, is hence the correct answer.
Average salary of all the workers in a factory is Rs. 20,000. The average salary of 10 accountants is Rs. 25,000 and the average salary of all the remaining workers is Rs. 15,000. Find the total number of workers in the factory?
» Explain it
Average salary of all the workers = 20,000

Let the remaining number of workers be x.

10 × 25000 + x × 15000
= 20, 000
10 + x

10 × 25000 + 15,000x = 20,000(10 + x)

1000 x (250 + 15)x = 20,000(10 + x)

250 + 15x = 20(10 + x) = 200 + 20x

250 – 200 = 20x – 15x

5x = 50

x = 10

So, the total number of workers = 10 + 10 = 20

Option C, is hence the correct answer.
The ratio of the income of Ravi and Supal is 5 : 3 and their respective expenditure is 9 : 5. If they save Rs. 5200 and Rs. 3600 respectively, find the income of Supal?
» Explain it
Let the income of Ravi and Supal be 5x and 3x and their expenditure be 9y and 5y respectively.


Income – expenditure = Saving


5x – 9y = 5200..................(i)

3x – 5y = 3600..................(ii)

Solving both the equations,

We get,

15x – 27y = 15,600...........(iii)

15x – 25y = 18,000............(iv)


– 2 y = – 2400

y = 1200

Putting value of y in equation (i),

We get,

5x – 9 × 1200 = 5200

5x = 5200 + 10800

5x = 16000

x = 3200

Income of Supal = 3x = 3 × 3200 = 9600

Income of Supal = 9600

Option C, is hence the correct answer.
Ravi is flying a kite with a 300 meter long thread. If the thread (assuming thread to be in straight line) of Kite makes an angle of 60° with the plane surface, find the height of the kite from the ground?
» Explain it


Sin 60° =  BC

As, Sin 60° = 

BC = Height of tower = H
√ 3
 =  H
2 300

H = 300 × 

H = 150√3

Option B, is hence the correct answer.

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