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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.

  • 1. In the figure given below, ABC is a triangle. BC is parallel to AE. If BC = AC, then what is the value of ∠CAE?
    A. 20° B. 30°
    C. 40° D. 50°

  • 2.
    In the figure given below, AB is parallel to CD. ∠ABC = 65°, CDE = 15° and AB = AE.

    What is the value of AEF?
    A. 30° B. 35°
    C. 40° D. 45°

  • 3.
    The angles x°, a°, c° and (π – b)° are indicated in the figure given below

    Which one of the following is correct?
    A. x° = a° + c° – b° B. x° = b° – a° – c°
    C. x° = a° + b° + c° D. x° = a° – b° + c°

  • 4.
    Consider the following statements
    I. The locus of points which are equidistant from two parallel lines is a line parallel to both of them and drawn mid way between them.
    II. The perpendicular distance of any point on this locus line from two original parallel lines are equal. Further, no point outside this locus line has this property.
    Which of the above statements is/are correct?
    A. Only I B. Only II
    C. Both I and II D. Neither I nor II

  • 5.
    A wheel makes 12 revolutions per min. The angle in radian described by a spoke of the wheel in 1 s is:
    A. 5π/2 B. 2π/5
    C. 3π/5 D. 4π/5

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