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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.

  • 1.
    The area of a sector of a circle of radius 36 cm is 72π cm2. The length of the corresponding arc of the sector is
    A. π cm B. 2π cm
    C. 3π cm D. 4π cm

  • 2.
    A square is inscribed in a circle of diameter 2a and another square is circumscribing circle. The difference between the areas of outer and inner squares is
    A. a2 B. 2a2
    C. 3a2 D. 4a2

  • 3.
    ABC is a triangle right angled at A. AB = 6 cm and AC = 8 cm. Semi-circles drawn (outside the triangle) on AB, AC and BC as diameters which enclose areas x, y and z square units, respectively. What is x + y – z equal to ?
    A. 48 cm2 B. 32 cm2
    C. 0 D. None of these

  • 4.
    Consider an equiateral triangle of a side of unit length. A new equilateral triangle is formed by joining the mid-points of one, then a third equilateral triangle is formed by joining the mid-points of second. The process is continued. The perimeter of all triangles, thus formed is
    A. 2 units B. 3 units
    C. 6 units D. infinity

  • 5.
    If AB and CD are two diameters of a circle of radius r and they are mutually perpendicular, then what is the ratio of the area of the circle to the area of the ΔACD ?
    B. π

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