Maths Questions and Answers for SBI PO Pre 2020 and Download Maths PDF For Free

Directions : Read the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.
The MRP of a article is 60% above its manufacturing cost. The article is sold through a retailer, who earns 19% profit on his purchase price. What is the approx. profit percentage for the manufacturer who sells his article to the retailer? The retailer gives 15% discount on MRP.
» Explain it
The manufacturer sells the product to retailer, and then retailer sells to the customer.
Assume manufacturing cost = 100 and manufacturer profit = x
As Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of a product is 60% above its manufacturing cost,
MRP = 160% of 100 = 160
The retailer gives 15% discount on MRP. So, customer price is 85% of MRP.
Buyer Price = 85% of 160 = 136
Manufacturer makes x rupees profit, and then retailer makes 19% profit.
So, 119% of (100 + x) = 136

⇒ 119 (100 + x) = 13600
⇒ (100 + x) = 114.28 
⇒ x = 14.28
Hence, Manufacturer profit = 14.2% 
The correct option is B.
In an exam of 100 marks, the average marks of a class of 40 students are 76. If the top 3 scorers of the class leave, the average score falls “down by 1. If the other two toppers except “the highest topper scored not more than 85. “then what is the minimum score the topper can score?
» Explain it
Total score of 40 students = (40 × 76) = 3040

Total score of top 3 scorers = 3040 – (37 × 75) = 265

To minimize the score of the top scorer, we assume the other two top scorers score the maximum they can = 85 marks each.

So, the top scorer scored = 265 – 170 = 95 marks.

Hence, option C is correct.
What is the total surface area of a rectangular parallelopiped having volume 408 c.c. and a base area of 24 The length of the cuboid is one-sixth the base area.
» Explain it
Length (l) =  1  × 24 = 4 cm

Base area = l × b = 24
∴   Breadth (b) =  24  = 6 cm

Volume of Cuboid (lbh) = 408
∴   Height (h) =  408  = 17 cm

∴   Total Surface area = 2(lb + bh + lh)

= 2(4 × 6 + 6 × 17 + 17 × 4)

= 2(24 + 102 + 68) = 388

Hence, option C is correct.
Rashid borrowed Rs. 15000 at the rate of 10% p.a. rate of compound interest, compound annually. He repaid a certain amount at the end of the first. Then he paid Rs. 12100 at the end of the 2nd year to completely discharge the loan. What amount did he repay at the end of 1st year?
» Explain it
Rs. 15000 borrowed at 10% p.a. will become Rs. 16500 at the end of the 1st year. Let k be the amount repaid at the end of the first year. Then the balance is Rs. 16500 - k will become the principal for the second year.

⇒ 110% of (16500 – k) = 12100

⇒ 16500 – k = 11000

⇒ k = Rs. 5500.

Hence, option B is correct.
There are three athletes A, B and C at a same point. A starts running from a point at a speed of 40 m/min. After 5 minutes, B starts running after A with a speed of 50 m/min. Simultaneously, C also starts running after A at 60 m/min. What distance has C covered (in m) when he catches A?
» Explain it
When B started, A is ahead by 40 × 5 = 200 m

But C will catch A before the B as he is faster than the B.

Since A and C run in the same direction, relative speed of C = 60 − 40 = 20 m/min
∴  Time taken by C to actually catch A =  200  = 10 mins

Distance actually covered by C in this duration = 10 × 60 = 600 m

Hence, option D is correct.

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Its a very important topic for SBI PO Aspirants to practice. Miscellaneous Arithmetic  Questions are generally called Word problems which belongs Average, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion,  Profit and Loss, Compound Interest, Simple Interest etc.
This Article will you to understand what type question is being asked in the form miscellaneous in SBI PO Pre, SBI Clerk 2020 Exams. You will also get here Miscellanenous Quesiton for All Bank PO Exams 2020.
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