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Statement: Should selection tests be of the objective rather than of the descriptive type?
I, Yes, The assessment of answers to objective type questions is fair and Impartial.
II. No. The descriptive type test is certainly a better tool than the objective type test.
» Explain it
Argument I is strong. Judgment in subjective tests depends upon the individual who judges while that in objective tests is fair and impartial. So argument II is weak.
Statement: Should state lotteries be stopped?
I. Yes. Government should not promote gambling habits.
II. No, Government will lose a large amount of revenue.
» Explain it
Both are strong. It is true that the government should that promote gambling habits which it does through its lotteries. It is also true that the government would lose a major source of revenue if lotteries were stopped.
Statement: Should India have no military force at all?

I, No, Other countries in the world do not believe in nonviolence.
II. Yes. Many Indians believe in non- violence.
» Explain it
To defend India against the threat of other military powers in the world, it needs to have military force. So both the arguments does not holds strong.
Statement: Should personal tax be abolished in India?
I, Yes, It will motivate people to earn more.
II. No. Individuals must learn to share their wealth with other people.
» Explain it
Argument I looks probable because abolishing personal taxes will motivate people to earn more. But argument II is not desirable because the personal tax is not a way of sharing wealth with other people.
Statement: Should articles of only deserving authors be allowed to be published?
I, Yes, It will save a lot of paper which is in short supply.
II. No. It is not possible to draw a line between the deserving and the undeserving.
» Explain it
Argument I is not strong. Argument II is desirable because it is not possible to analyses the deserving and the undeserving.